Monday, November 25, 2013

Registration Now Open for My NYU Editing Class

I'm pleased to announce that registration is now open for "Book Manuscript Editing Workshop: Editing Children's and YA Novels," the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies course I'll be teaching next spring. (This is an in-person course, not online.) You can find the listing here.

The course description seems to have gotten a bit smushed in the system, so here it is in full:

Calibrating a characterization. Structuring a plot. Developing a theme. Polishing the prose. And bringing all of these elements into perfect balance to help a book become what it should be. In this six-week course, we’ll learn how to practice these editorial skills, with special attention to the particular requirements of the child and young-adult audiences, and discuss how to create the right public image for a book through its flap copy, cover image, and editorial presentations.
I'm finalizing the syllabus now and just having a heck of a great time thinking about all the things I want the students to read and do. I am going to have everyone read Second Sight, which, on the one hand, I feel vaguely abashed about -- isn't that the classic egotistical-professor move, making everyone read your book? On the other -- well, most of the grand principles of my editorial philosophy and knowledge are right there, so if we can cover those theories in the reading, we can get down to the practicalities in class. And the practicalities and particularities of an individual manuscript are where the fun is, always.


  1. Don't suppose I could get you to teach it here in Indianapolis? If not, maybe you could record some of it for the Narrative Breakdown?

  2. I would love to attend your class, but I live in Virginia. *sigh* Perhaps you could record it and post it on You Tube like a student of Brandon Sanderson's did, for the benefit of all who want to learn? I bought your book and would love the class as well :)

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  4. I am so sad to miss this! I wish I could pick up my life in Orlando and live in NYC for a few weeks just to take this course. Please do share the syllabus! :)

  5. I am putting this on my visualization radar. I must attend your class! I'm in the neighborhood, and cannot let this opportunity pass. That was a goofy unintentional rhyme, my apologies.