Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Because I Needed SOME Way to Freshen Up These Announcements

There once was a podcast re: stories,
From action films to allegories,
Shared with tout le monde 
By a ginger and blonde,
Who each loved their narrative glories.

And as plotlines are most in the pink
When action and characters sync,
Behold: our new show!
(They're weekly, you know.)
You'll find it by clicking this link.

For more about this episode of The Narrative Breakdown -- which features material from the "Quartet:  Character" talk in Second Sight -- please visit the show page. And follow us on Twitter at @NarrativeBreak


  1. I've bookmarked the link. They look fantastic. But I don't have an I-pod so I may have to borrow my daughter's.

  2. You can play them from your computer at the Narrative Breakdown webpage -- no iPod necessary!

  3. Oh, excellent. I can burn them to CD for my commute. My very nice agent gave me a copy of Second Sight and I've enjoyed what I've had time to read so far. Thanks for the podcast :)