Thursday, November 09, 2006

Living the Dream

So you're a phenomenally successful bestselling author. You have the miniseries, the homes in San Francisco and Paris, the listing in the Guinness Book of World Records, the honors from the French government, the series of moralistic children's books, even the art gallery. But you know what you could have that no other author could share?

You, the fragrance, with the tagline "Believe in happy endings."

(The copy says its notes include "Mandarin, Butterfly Jasmine, Hydroponic Rose, Cashmere Musk," and "Lush Green Notes," which I'm guessing are dollar bills. Notes in "Editor: The Fragrance" would include "A Half-Eaten Ham Sandwich, Eraser Leavings, Rubber Bands, and Blue Ink.")

Well, good for her. Coincidentally, this is my favorite piece of copywriting I've seen of late, from a Literary Guild listing for one of this author's books:

"Imagine you're doing volunteer work in Africa, and you fall in love with another volunteer, but you can't pursue any romance with him because you're secretly the princess of Liechtenstein."

Oh, man, I hate it when that happens!

Finally, I'm not going to comment on how this video came to be. I'm just going to say I had nothing to do with Tuesday's announcement, nothing, nothing at all. . . .


  1. ...Lush Green Notes...Hints of Dingleberry...and a Wedge of Cheese.

    Believe in Sappy Endings.

  2. Well, I'm not sure if I'd like having a perfume that represents me . . . could be frightening! :D

    As for the video . . . Go Cheryl! You're a celebrity (but you knew that)! :D

  3. Oh, and you say you had nothing to do with Tuesday's announcement, but we all know that BS (what fun initials :D) must have discovered that KF was a fan of Hottttt Cheryl! How could she hope to compete? She knew when to concede! :D

  4. Am I the only one who initially thought it was squares of toilet paper floating by in the intro to that ad?

  5. Marathon?

  6. how did you get that video? pray tell!!

  7. Dang! I want to secretly be a princess of Liechtenstein! Or not.

    I guess my fragrance would be l'eau du Elmers with overtones of toner and smog.

    The video tells all. Deny it, deny away!


    PS Hydroponic Rose? Hydroponic Rose? Has she been studying at the Martha Stewart College of Pretentious Flowers?

  8. Terrific post! Love your wit. More, more!