Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Writing is exciting / And baseball is like writing: / You can never tell with either how it will go. -- Marianne Moore

I'm not posting much this week as all of my writing energy is going toward finishing up my "Rules of Engagement" presentation for the Rocky Mountain SCBWI conference this weekend. Even though my job consists mostly of reading and writing, I forget sometimes how lovely writing can be -- really digging into a subject, making connections, thinking it through in words, then going back, revising, digging deeper again and again -- and I'm rediscovering that now. I'm about four-fifths done with the talk, I think; I have to finish up the third section, read the whole thing aloud to be sure it comes in under an hour, and give it one last shine. It's not quite as much fun as my "Finding a Publisher and Falling in Love" speech, but I have a great time analyzing the beginnings of some of my favorite novels and listing off my writing pet peeves. If I can figure out how to link to a Microsoft Word doc, maybe I'll post it here.

In the meantime:

  • The Not-to-Do List
  • I am honored (though mostly amused) to think that one of my rejection letters may someday end up on toilet paper. (from Maud Newton blog)
  • I get quoted in a Publishers Weekly Religion Bookline article: Religion Is the New (YA) Black
  • To my titles of (1) Editor, (2) New York Carleton Club co-chair, and (3) Nutmeg of Consolation, I can now add (4) Sunday School teacher, Park Slope United Methodist Church. We sang "All God's Critters Got a Place in the Choir" and finger-painted.
  • For fellow Patrick O'Brian fans: the WikiPOBia.
  • Funky Words Awards winners: Your prizes have been mailed.
  • I was feeling okay about the Harriet Miers nomination until I learned James Dobson approves of her because of something President Bush told him privately.
  • In that spirit: http://www.dontblamemeIvoted4kerry.com. I especially like the "Jesus was a liberal" stickers.
  • I saw "Serenity" over the weekend and enjoyed it enormously, but we need Joss more on TV than we do in the movies, I think.
  • Finished Riders, on to V for Vendetta; listening to David Bowie's "Changes" and Dar Williams's "The End of the Summer."
  • Go Red Sox! Die Yankees!
  • Just desperately procrastinating now. Have a good week, everyone!


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    I *just* discovered your blog and am enjoying your posts tremendously. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Hope to see you again soon at an NYC Child_Lit gathering,

  2. Your "Rules of Engagement" presentation sounds like something I'd love to read. Please find a way to post it. Great blog!


  3. Sure, you are talented, beautiful, bright, pleasant, and can knit, but can you play croquet on a slope in western Iowa?