Saturday, October 01, 2005

Sparkly Shoes

You have now been touched by the power of the magic shoes.
Go forth and conquer.


  1. I wonder: if you click your heels three times, do you magically get transported to Kansas...City?

  2. Ooooohhhhhh, those are pretty sparkly shoes.

    And if they do click you back to KC, think what you save on airfare (but don't count the costs of home repair....)

  3. What is the gorgeous outfit that goes with the shoes?

  4. Well, the gorgeous outfit on the day that picture was taken was my Thomas Pink blue button-down and my favorite jeanskirt. The gorgeous outfit on Monday (when I wore the shoes again) was my white blouse and favorite jeanskirt. As winter comes I'll replace "jeans" with "jeanskirt" -- but as you can see, all kinds of denim go with the magic shoes.

  5. Certainly these are looks like a magic shoes.

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