Sunday, March 18, 2012

Making the Leap

I posted a link to this on Twitter, but it was so delightful I wanted to share it here too:

Not only is it a scene straight out of a middle-grade novel, but what a perfect metaphor for the courage it takes to do so many things -- to start off, or speak up, or stay still -- and the pleasure and accomplishment of moving through that fear. My goal today:  to be as badass as this fourth-grader.


  1. "Here goes something." That shall be my new quote!

  2. Aw, man. I totally got teared up watching that. So brave!

    I recently watched my 9-year-old daughter push through just that kind of panic on a rope adventure course. It's hard to step back and just let them figure it out, but that's just what the parent/coach did here perfectly. Didn't push, didn't comfort. Just let her go. :)

  3. This video made me so happy! What a brave kid!

  4. awesome. and what a great visual at the end with the triumphant fist pump shadow