Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Blogiversary!

Today is March 4, and that means it is the seven-years-and-one-month blogiversary of Brooklyn Arden. I will allow these fine gentlemen to express my feelings on the occasion:

Some other things to celebrate:
  • Words in the Dust by Trent Reedy was named a Golden Kite Honor Book for Fiction by the SCBWI!
  • My Plot + Structure Master Class for the Inland Empire SCBWI went well on Saturday, and while my brain felt finely fricasseed afterward, it has now recovered!
  • I just ordered a second printing of Second Sight!
  • It is Sunday night and I just watched an episode of Sherlock I have never seen in full! (It was "A Study in Pink," and it was delightful.) 
Here's wishing you all many Kool, exclamation-point worthy good things this week.


  1. That plot workshop was great. Thanks!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! This means I just passed six years and missed it, too, as I always am reminded by your anniversary. And congrats, too, on the second printing. That's is fabulous.

  3. Happy Blogversary! And congrats on the second printing of your book.

  4. I enjoyed your workshop so much, Cheryl! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. Congratulations on both your blogiversary and the second printing of your book (which I'm really looking forward to reading--thank you for signing it in Spokane!).

  5. Congratulations on the anniversary and second printing!
    (And I loved "A Study in Pink." I've been turning to Sherlock when my writing brain needs help in plotting and quirkiness. ;)