Sunday, August 23, 2009

Your Missions, Should You Choose to Accept Them

  • A friend on child_lit sent me this list of Five Things You Can Do to Contribute to the Health Care Reform Cause. I've read a fair amount about this in the media, and the more I read, the more complicated it gets; but what doesn't change is the desperate need for SOME reform that will be sympathetic to those who are freelancers (like my boyfriend, and nearly all writers and illustrators), or out of work, or making minimum wage, to rein in costs and provide adequate care. Many of us worked for Obama last year so he could do precisely this; let's help him accomplish it now.
  • If you'd like to donate to the publication of my book, the deadline is Sept. 1. I have already collected enough to fund a 750-copy first printing -- donations for which I'm very grateful. Click here for more info, here to go to my Kickstarter page.
  • See District 9 and (500) Days of Summer.
  • Visit Governor's Island. Said boyfriend and I were out there yesterday, and we rode a surrey cart, played miniature golf on an artist-designed course, saw some awesome modern art, ate delicious ice cream, and wandered through the parkland and buildings left over from the Army outpost there -- a thoroughly enjoyable time.
  • If you're interested in literary translation, check out this Shelf Awareness writeup of the Heartsinger panel at ALA.
  • End of August is prime peach season; go find a farmers' market, buy a bundle, and eat one.


  1. consider adding The Hurt Locker to your movies-to-see list. One of the best war movies I've seen in a long time. (And I'm a little ashamed to admit my surprise that it was directed by a woman.)

  2. Saw District 9 last week. Brilliant. I love how you were able to sympathize with the utterly alien aliens. Very very well done.

  3. I went to see District 9 last night with hubby. Loved it!

  4. Yes! to THE HURT LOCKER. I felt the exact same way.

  5. ummmm Peaches. Here in Italy we have small "flat" white peaches from Sicily that are delicious. They are half the height of a normal peach, and the seed is sideways... horizontally in the peach.

  6. thanks for keeping the health care reform hope alive...
    love the wonderful weirdness of governor's island!

  7. Cheryl, Devin and I went to Governor's Island this weekend too! We went on Friday afternoon and we didn't do as much as you did--just rode bikes (free rentals for an hour on Fridays!) and then found some Adirondack chairs in the shade and read&relaxed for awhile. It was awesome. Though I will have to go back for that miniature golf...