Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Thank You Speech, A Kidlit Drink Night, and My Current Favorite Video in Life

A Thank You Speech: At the ALA convention a couple of weeks ago, Arthur and I accepted the Batchelder Award for translation for my dear Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit. You can read the full speech (scripted by me and revised by both of us) here on Arthur's blog.

A Kidlit Drink Night: August 11th, 6 p.m.-ish, at our old favorite Sweet & Vicious in Soho.

My Current Favorite Video in Life: I love musical theatre. I love over-the-top power ballads. Therefore, I have watched this video of the cast of "Glee" singing Queen's "Somebody to Love" 47 times, and I don't think I'm exaggerating the number. SO. GOOD.


  1. Haha, the speech is wonderful! I wish I could actually hear you guys say it!

  2. Oh, squee. Glee is the first T.V. show I've looked forward to in quite awhile. I'm so thankful that the male lead is actually 27 y/o IRL, placing him in the "one age-inappropriate celebrity crush" allotment I have with my husband. And not pushing me over to the "why did I marry this creepy felon?" category.

    And great speech! I'm coming to the Midsouth SCBWI conference and look forward to your breakout sessions.

  3. I was in the audience and LOVED your duel speech - as thoughtful as the good work you do together.

  4. That speech was fantastic. Thanks for sharing it. ;)

    "Somebody"-one of my favorite songs, ever. I can't wait till Glee comes back on the air! They got me hooked after three episodes earlier this summer and then pulled the show to "debut" it in the fall-argh!

  5. Are there any links to Elizabeth's speech? I'd like to see that one, too. :)

  6. Where did the cast of Glee perform live? Do you know? It was awesome!

  7. Both Elizabeth's speech and Arthur's and mine should be published in upcoming library journals. I don't know if she's posted hers anywhere . . . It was great!

    The video is from the fall "upfronts" for Fox. The cast is going to be performing at a mall in New Jersey sometime this month, but on a Tuesday during the workday, so I can't go.

    (Um, yeah, I'm a little obsessed too.)

  8. Hey Cheryl, you mean the SLJ? Oh boy! I'll keep my eyes peeled. (actually that sounds kind of gross.)

  9. I've GOT to comment about the individual in the wheelchair. A couple of years ago, there was a young man in one of the large high schools in Council Bluffs, IA that was involved in marching band, theater, and swing choir that was on crutches. (He may well have been involved in other things, but that's what WE saw.) He too was seamlessly choreographed into productions. Hooray!!

    As a baby boomer, (I just turned 55) 'differently abled' kids were not always seen. Back in my day (OMG I do sound old!!) they were in 'special classes' at best or most likely housed at 'special schools'. Don't get me wrong, parents weren't bad for doing this; that was the mindset at the time. I'm glad society is becoming more inclusive and more accepting of our outward different ablenesses. We still have a L-O-N-G way to go!!

    Okay, Carol will now step away from her soap box ...