Sunday, August 20, 2006

Self-Pity Post: Whinny and Whine

I ran seven miles tonight -- seven blessed, freaking miles -- the longest distance I've run since the Marathon last year, and a damn sight less fun. My knees hurt. My stomach hurts. Odd muscles on the outside of my thighs hurt. I just want to lie on my bed and stare into space and emit small moans.

(Moan. Moan.)

I'm fine, really, of course, and heaven knows I'm the one who's choosing to put myself through this -- per my Resolutions, I'm training for a half-marathon on October 1. And the training is going well; I'm actually ahead of schedule. I am also eating like a horse, though I'm not sure if this is because my metabolism is changing or I'm just giving myself license to pig out given how much I'm exercising.

(Moan. Whinny. Oink. Moan.)

Nonetheless, I am taking advantage of one of my four Self-Pity Posts* for 2006 to note my stiff ankles and sore neck and tight back and general exhaustion. And I have to go to work tomorrow, and my apartment isn't very clean, and I have a zit on my chin, and I'm editing a dissertation about medieval pilgrims, and I'm losing in my digital Scrabble game, and, and . . .

Do I have anything else to whine about? Not really. But for good measure:

Moan. Moan. Moan.
* A little-known fact of the Blogger terms of service: Each blogger is allowed four Self-Pity Posts (SPPs) per year, wherein said blogger can whine, scream, kick, pout, make stupid faces, and complain to his/her heart's comfort. Commenters who sympathize can earn an additional SPP for their own blogs; commenters who deplore such behavior in a grown-up get a tongue stuck out at them. Phbbbt.


  1. Boy oh boy... poor you!

    (P.S. if I sympathize with all four of yours, do I get four bonus ones? Then if you sympathize, you get bonus ones. Then I can sympathize again. If we play our cards right, we can whine every day! Yay!!!!!!!!!)

  2. I'm so sorry! I absolutely deplore running! It has never really been my strong point. :) I hope your soreness goes away quickly!

  3. I feel your pain (through osmosis). I just did a NJ magazine piece on marathoners in training. One, a nurse, has run 19 marathons. She swears, "It's all about the shoes!" Hope you're well supported. Thanks for those SPP's.

  4. "Poor lil' punkin'… You need some hot tea," I say with furrowed brow and hand pats.

    I read your Resolutions with great interest. I like how you have them sorted into categories. Some are short and, if not easily accomplished at least finite, like riding a bike or going to a special restaurant. Other things on your list are ongoing and may take a lifetime to perfect, like juggling or writing. Decluttering and flossing fall into that ongoing category. One of my resolutions was to clean the cat box first thing in the morning because if I don't I'll spend half the day glancing at it ever time I walk by. Tolerances like that just suck your energy, don’t they?

    I update my “Wouldn’t it be lovely if…” list at the start of every season. Fall seems to be an especially good time to do it, what with the air getting cooler and the leaves changing. Wanting to refocus hits me on a primal level this time of year, a need that goes back to buying new school clothes and getting new pencils.

    How are the dinner parties going? I recommend Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks. The recipes are simple, based on good ingredients and I don’t think I’ve ever had a botched dish. His artichoke, citrus, Pecorino Romano cheese salad = easy and awesome!

    Best thoughts,



    "Invent your world. Surround yourself with people, color, sounds, and work that nourishes you."


  5. You've got my sympathy! I'm a runner, too (six marathons, tapering for a half marathon this coming weekend). I know the names of all the muscles in my lower body because I think I've injured all of them at one time or another.

    My suggestions: good shoes (as harried mom said) and a running buddy. Good running buddies are sympathetic, run at approximately the same pace you do, and they like to talk, which makes the miles melt away. Well, almost. If I lived in NYC instead of Illinois I'd volunteer!

    (From a lurker who would love to run the NYC marathon someday!)

  6. yikes! you definitely have my sympathy. 7 miles deserves a good whine.

  7. Awww. But don't you just love that deep-muscle burn? >:(

    I noted the knitting project on your resolutions. I started a scarf once, which became a small blanket, and several years later found its way to Goodwill, knitting needles still attached.

  8. Hey Cheryl,

    My son is a distance runner and he uses a massager called The Stick to run over sore leg muscles. They sell it at running supply stores. Also, you must buy new running shoes after logging about 300 miles per pair. Make sure you have knowledgable (preferable runners) fitting you for your shoes.He pronates so he wears single support Mazumas and also wears orthodics.