Thursday, August 17, 2006


No, not Daveolinks or Steveolinks. Bobolinks.


  1. After reading the time-travel page I wish I was home alone so I could practice saying "SPPPPAACEE BBEEEAVVVERRS!!!" really loud. I won't because it would scare the men as well as the cat and the neighbors.

    Speaking of cats... what does Schrödinger's cat look like anyway?

    Here is a link of Colin Firth silliness from my friend Anne.. titled "It's Hard To Be Colin Firth"

    Rock on!


  2. I loved those useful products for writers! And oh, to have a time machine. *sigh* I purchased a Timeturner from the Noble Collection, but it doesn't seem to work--come to think of it, the wands I purchased from them don't work either . . . me thinks they sell defective products!* :D

    I love how the cat algebra works out to Tuna. In my algebra, all equasions equal Chocolate! ;) Life is so much simpler that way . . . though slightly fattening.

    *In case you thought I may be a bit off my rocker, I thought I should post a disclaimer. I was, in fact, joking. I realize that these products are intended as collectibles and not functioning tools. I also realize that the world of Harry Potter is fiction . . . but darn it, housework would be so much easier with a wand! :D

  3. I'm fascinated by your friend, Susan's blog site "Adventures in Tropical Ecology" now. Are you kidding me?? It's like a 14-car pile-up on the highway; I can't look, but I can't look away. Clearly, she's a badass.

    I lived in the Mexican rainforest once, but snake-o-phobia got the best of me, and I came home. Wish I could be that tough. Now, I'll just have to live vicariously through her.

    And I strongly agree with your previous post answer regarding Ann Coulter...wish I had thought of that answer when Lisa tagged me.

    Blog on, Cheryl!


  4. Cheryl,

    Since I don't have your email address, I am sending you this FAB FAB FAB send-up of the new (gag me) P&P trailer via your blog. You will LOVE it!!!!!

    Julie from The Leaky Cauldron

  5. Lizzy, I am HONORED to have helped spread the Samuel L. Jackson love.

  6. Did you catch Samuel on the Daily Show? And that awesome clip ... "I am so sick of these ...!" You fill in the blank, honestly.

    I still haven't spotted any bobolinks. I saw a towhee once, if that's how you spell it. And I went clear up to Eagleville with some folks with the Missouri Department of Conservation and got up at 4 a.m. to see prairie chickens. There's about 10,000 left in Missouri, I think, don't quote me.

    Though, looking again at the female bobolink, I wonder that maybe from a distance I've possibly gotten one mixed up with a dickessel.

    I got this MDC copy of "Birds of Missouri" three years ago and I've been a mess ever since.

  7. Hey, I was going to check illegal use of my blog when I ran into this!

    I hope the link works. Strong language in the video of course, but for some that's part of the charm.