Friday, August 12, 2005

A Youyou, & Out of my Missouri

Gacked from Nadia after she kindly replied to this for me: Not a meme, but a youyou, where you leave a comment and I'll tell you some things I associate with you. (I may do these over e-mail if they get too long.) Reply with your name, favorite color, and birthday, and:

  1. I'll respond with something random about you.
  2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
  3. I'll pick a dessert with which you and I would have a food fight.
  4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me (maybe/maybe not).
  5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
  6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of (your daemon/Patronus?).
  7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
  8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal/blog in turn. "Must" is a liberal term in this usage, however, and if you'd really rather not, well, that's cool by me.
  9. If I don't know you, which is entirely possible given that random people seem to have wandered onto this blog somehow (hello Drew, Sarah Irene, and Mitch!), feel free to leave a message and we'll see if I'm psychic.


I write this from a hotel room in Warrensburg, Missouri, where I'm speaking tomorrow at a writers' conference at Central Missouri State University. I have been home for three days now, and I have gotten my hair trimmed, bought new jeans and running shoes, made dinner for my family (cranberry chicken, which they duly appreciated), went to see the excellent "Murderball" with my father and sister, walked two miles with my mother, and gone through my grandfather's extensive library with him to select those books I'd someday like to have for myself. I am reading a lovely novel called Crescent by Diana Abu-Jaber, which I purchased in Denver because Midnight's Children and Atonement felt too much like assignment reading; it's slow, but the writing is sensuous and gorgeous, and the descriptions of Middle Eastern food -- especially baklava -- have me desperate to get back to Brooklyn and visit Atlantic Avenue. I bought my first-ever song off iTunes today, the Counting Crows' "Accidentally in Love," which always makes me dance around goofily. And I now have silver toenails. All of this matters not a whit, of course, in the face of anything truly important, and I'm still thinking about the events of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. But then I look at my toes, I sing "I'm in love" umpteen times, I lust after baklava -- and the little things count.


  1. I just bought a few songs off iTunes the other day - Mike Ness' cover of Dylan's Don't Think Twice, and two Pumpkins rarities I taped off the internet back in '96 (yes - taped). What a terrible thing this is going to prove to be for me. I've already had to hold off from buying Sleater-Kinney's Dig Me Out and the Hold Steady's Almost Killed Me, as well as the entire catalog of Lifter/Puller, Hold Steady guy's old band. I'm going to go broke thanks to the iTunes store.
    Anyway -
    1) Jeremiah David Conway, confirmation name: Shadrach
    2) Blue
    3) June 25, 1978 - six months from Christmas, so as to perfectly space gifting for people.

  2. I keep having to go back to my original post to check what the categories are. Anyway:

    1. Your girlfriend is nicknamed 2.0 because she's the second girlfriend by that name (and the actual name is not allowed to appear on the Internet)
    2. "Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?" by Eminem
    3. Pumpkin pie, in honor of Thanksgivingish
    4. The "herbs" at the Celestial Seasonings plant in Boulder
    5. Having dinner at Taco Bell our first night in Denver with our two roommates, both of whom we've now lost touch with
    6. Golden retriever (because you're blond, right?)
    7. Tell me about your book.
    (Incidentally, my friend Jeff and his wife were at the Hold Steady concert last week( -- did you make it?)

    1. Your family's original name was "Novogradsky" (which I never remember how to spell right)
    2. "Before Sunset"
    3. The bubbles from bubble tea (eggh)
    4. "No, the Big Bang is on the second floor."
    5. Sitting at a table, scratching the back of your head.
    6. Black bear
    7. What do you want most?

  3. a) Rebecca, b) Blue, c) March 23rd 1970.

  4. 1. You experience mild synthesia (though I'm not sure what kind).
    2. "Doctor Who"
    3. Plum duff
    4. "How all things pale in comparison with the massive continuity of ducks."
    5. Your wonderful "Beekeeper's Holmes Page" website, for which I was utterly thankful in the first flush of my Laurie King fandom.
    6. Bee, both for Holmes and because you somehow manage to do incredible amounts of work (online and in RL) with two children (soon to be three) under five.
    7. What is your approach to Biblical interpretation? (I'm thinking mostly literal vs. nonliteral here, though I'm aware there are many more nuanced approaches and you have one of those. And feel free to direct me to a blog post on this, as I think you've probably written one on it . . .)

  5. 1) Justin James Hebert (Aka: JJ Hebert)
    2) Blue
    3) January 29, 1984

    Just how psychic are you, Cheryl? lol ...

  6. 1) Kathryne Elizabeth Beebe
    2)ocean blue / midnight blue / October sky blue ... I can't choose
    3) March 29, 1978

  7. And because I don't have a blog, I'm posting it on YOURS! ha HA!

    1. You are an amazing arranger of things -- everthing from elaborate treasure hunts, great vacations, right down to making the very last bites of a meal perfectly harmonize in taste.

    2. Cole Porter's 'You're the Top' sung by Ella Fitzgerald / Stevie Wonder's "Superstition"

    3. Scones laden with clotted cream!

    4. The Key to All Mythologies. Yes, exactly.

    5. This is weird, because I know we were on the same floor at MSA, but I have no visual memory of you before your head bobbing in the pool at Longview. Or maybe you walking by when we invaded Ray-Pec to take the SATs ... but that was *after* MSA. Very weird.

    6. The swan has been decided upon, just because giraffes are not daemon-sized.

    7. Just why do you have such an antipathy to hedgehogs? It's more than the mealworm thing, isn't it?

  8. Your turn!

    1) Nadia
    2) Orange (like that was news to anybody)
    3) May 30, 1978

  9. JJ:
    1. You have a secret passion for motocross bike racing.
    2. "Sunset Boulevard"
    3. Junior's cherry cheesecake
    4. "I'm not bad; I'm just drawn that way"
    5. Your stunning rendition of "My Heart Will Go On" at the Copacabana
    6. An armadillo
    7. What's the name of your bail bondsman?

    1. You and your sister have the same birthday.
    2. "Much Ado About Nothing"
    3. Peppermint bonbon ice cream
    4. "Juck, Janacek!"
    5. I remember saying hello to you in the hall at MSA -- or at least thinking, "there's that Belton girl" -- and watching you play the flute at the talent show.
    6. An otter, for being cheerful and resourceful and clever
    7. Why do you like hedgehogs so much? They are rodents, Katybeebe. *Rodents.* With spines. < represses shudder >

    1. Your senior thesis was a comparison of two of the most fiendishly difficult and intelligent writers of the 20th century, Joyce and Nabokov.
    2. "All the Real Girls" and "The Count of Monte Cristo"
    3. Plain Chocolate McVitie's (not that we would waste them like that)
    4. "What *about* Olga?"
    5. As you say, Susan Jaret McKinstry's "Narrative Necessity" freshman seminar
    6. A Siamese cat: tasteful, thin, and looks good in everything
    7. If you hadn't attended Carleton, where would you have gone?

    Melissa A.:
    1. You were a cheerleader in high school! And you were going to be a doctor until Frank Rich converted you to journalism.
    2. "Seasons of Love"
    3. Some delicious Italian pastry made by your mother.
    4. "They must be Republicans!"
    5. Standing with a klatch of Leaky people at the front of the IMAX theatre before the "Prisoner of Azkaban" screening.
    6. A cocker spaniel: Loyal, loving, enthusiastic
    7. Who was your first crush?