Sunday, October 07, 2012

Postscript: Stephanie Trimberger's Book Signing

A few weeks ago, I posted a request for the good people of the Pacific Northwest to come out and support Stephanie Trimberger at her book signing for The Ruby Heart. Said people responded in force, and you can see Stephanie, her father, Arthur, and footage from the event in this wonderful video here. Have Kleenex at the ready:

"Harry Potter" editors make dream come true


  1. You're not kidding: Have Kleenex handy. What a tear-jerker. And how cool that you, and all the Scholastic folks, were able to use your power and position to give that gift to that girl.

  2. You guys were wonderful to do this. It was a great event, and she is a very strong girl. I donated my copy of The Ruby Heart to the school library and told my students about it. They were pretty amazed that someone their own age had written a book under these circumstances, and I've seen a few of my students now carrying the book around, so it's getting checked out! Go, Stephanie!

  3. Thank you for posting this follow-up. I'm awed by Stephanie's determination and gratified that your team rallied to make her dream come true.

    I'm looking at my day in a whole different light.

  4. Thank you for the follow-up. I'm glad for this young lady that this went so well. The look on her face when she held the book up . . . wow.

    Here's hoping for her eventual recovery.

    Y'all at Scholastic are class folks.

  5. Make a Wish is such a great organization.
    You all are "the berries" for the classy
    way you turned Stephanie's dream into
    lovely reality. It would make a sweet
    fundraiser for Make a Wish if her tale
    were available as an e book for a donation.
    Just a thought. Just wonderful, what you did!

    1. I had seen the MSN Video of the Make-A-Wish for Stephanie and had written to request a copy of the book. Yesterday I received an email with a link to the book, which I read last night and found to be such a good first novel. I emailed to thank Meredith at Make-A-Wish for the link and inquired about Stephanie only to find out she passed in November. I am sharing, with the permission of Make-A-Wish, the link sent to me so that everyone can read what Stephanie Trimberger wrote.
      "It is currently not available for sale. However, if you’d like to read the book, we have it available for download here:
      It is in .pdf format, so you can download it and read it right on your computer. I believe there are some e-readers that will allow you to download the book onto the e-reader. Feel free to share this link with as many folks as you like. Let me know if you have any questions. Warmest wishes,Meredith FaneWish & Outreach ManagerMake-A-Wish® Alaska and Washington"

  6. My husband works with Stephanie's dad and several months ago he had told me about his daughter who was very sick. This week he told me that Stephanie had passed. Tonight I went searching for an obituary wanting to know more about this young woman whose mother had died of brain cancer at a young age. I found this blog first. What an amazing story, I could only cry as I thought about this young woman who I had envisioned lying sick in bed. She had accomplished so much with her young life. Thank you so much for giving her this gift and for giving her family such a treat to remember her by, I love that her wish was to publish a book. I only wish I had known and could have attended a book signing. Thanks again,