Sunday, April 03, 2011

Thank You, Jimmy Fallon

I have never seen a complete episode of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," but I now owe him for two of my favorite TV moments of the past year (both of which I actually watched on YouTube, natch). First the terrific opening to the 2010 Emmy ceremony:

And then, from this past Friday, Stephen Colbert singing Rebecca Black's "Friday" with assorted guests (infinitely better than the original):

I love the way the delights just add up and cascade over in both of these videos -- first the cast of "Glee," and then Tina Fey! And Jon Hamm!* And Hurley! Or Stephen Colbert, and then the poker-faced Roots, and then the rapper guy and Jimmy Fallon, then the first mystery musical guest . . . And the performances also embody two of the things I love most about musical theatre in general: a whole community working together in glorious harmony, and the perfect balance between unfettered expression of an emotion and planned-down-to-the-second choreography. Sigh.

* Emily and I were discussing the news that Mad Men won't be back until early 2012, and she posed a terrifying conundrum: What if Season Five of Mad Men and Season Two of Downton Abbey are on Sunday nights at the same time? Which group of complex, lusty, class-driven, fabulously dressed characters would I choose to follow through their complicated, often backstabbing, money-drenched, totally character-driven plots first? I've known the Mad Men people for longer (and there's the whole mystery of who that newly important character actually is deep down that we'll need to discover), but Downton Abbey has both World War I and Bates's wife coming, and all those hats. . . . Sigh deux, with the sincere wish that such a soul-rending choice can be avoided.


  1. Most excellent line: "...the perfect balance between unfettered expression of an emotion and planned-down-to-the-second choreography." Nailed it to the wall.

  2. I was not a fan of Jimmy Fallon before and not having watched TV for a long time, I hadn't realized his persona has actually grown to be quite interesting.

    Poor little Rebecca...

  3. I'd also suggest Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake's "History of Rap". I'm not a big rap fan, but their enthusiasm and flow is just plain cute. Other than that, I often replay the glee intro to the Emmys when I need a smile. So many little inside jokes and cameos....what's not to love?

  4. I hadn't seen either of these. Oh my dog. Thank you for posting them. You made my day!

  5. I'm waiting anxiously for Season Two of Downton Abbey, but I'm not familiar with Madmen. Will have to check it out now!