Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some Things I'm Reading, Watching, & Thinking About

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  1. That doll experiment indeed would be sad if htat's the case. Although, I'd like to see a version of the experiment where the children can't see the experimenters, just to make sure they're not picking up any subconscious cues.

  2. I just finished reading PUSH by Sapphire (made into the movie Precious) -- I was honestly "blown away" by this book -- it does have graphic sexuality, but should be required reading for all high school seniors ... it is such a strong affirmation of the power of a good teacher, and the sustaining strength of literacy and writing.

  3. It is important to look at white privilege in American culture. Very often it goes under the radar by the collective conscious of the privileged. However, that said some of the people blogging about these issues are coming from an angry place, which essentially is an intellectually watered down version of a salient point and thus not a potent message. It is unfortunate that these issues cannot be discussed in a more democratic matter. Simply looking at a writer's photo and deciding that because they are white, they have no experience other than a privileged one. Come on.