Thursday, May 15, 2008

Three Links That Made Me Laugh Hard This Week

The World Beard and Mustache Championships

Actual text from the website: "With his superstyled partial beard which NPR's Robert Siegel once dubbed a 'hair pretzel,' Willi Chevalier practically owns the partial beard freestyle category. Indeed, Willi has won this category at all WBMCs in memory with the exception of the 2003 WBMC when he was on injured reserve following an unfortunate encounter with a power drill." Check out all the photos in the gallery.

Joe Posnanski's Account of His Best Sportswriting Day Ever

"The first question came, and it was something like: 'So, did you think you had it in you to beat the great and unbeatable Russian?'

"And Rulon Gardner said: 'Well, when I was growing, I used to wrestle cows on our dairy farm …'"

Sarah Jessica Parker's Hat in This Picture

Like Dr. Seuss and Patricia Field started an accessories line together. The Fug Girls are their usual brilliant selves in the dialogue.


  1. Oh, man, I hadn't seen that Posnanski entry. Wow. Oh, man, that's just amazing. Nice work, buddy.

    (jeremiah - my google ID's not working for some reason)

  2. Okay - I am cracking up! thanks for the laughs...

  3. That hat looks like it grew on a log.

  4. I've been thinking "hair pretzel" an giggling for days...

    And that HAT! And yes, they sure did nail the chatter, especially SJP's.

  5. Me: Hey, honey, check out this guy's moustache!

    My wife: You could do that ...

    What must she think of me?