Thursday, February 14, 2008

Your Patriotic Duty

Also, in case there is any doubt about Barack's love for you: Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle.


  1. My dad is RR (Reformed Republican) thanks to GWB (aka Worst. President. Ever). But this weekend, he floored me by announcing he was worried about Barack Obama because of "all that Muslim stuff."(1) Ugh. I spent the next hour trying to convince him that Obama is not a plant for al Qaeda and he wasn't educated in a madrassa. Scary.

    Bye, Boots!(2)

    (1) Quick, alert the Karl Rove Wish Fulfillment Department (KRWFD)!
    (2) And by "Boots" I mean anyone in pink wedgies!


  2. Did I say wedgies? Crickey! I meant "Wellies".

    Because I rarely wear shoes, I plead blissful ignorance.

    Jon, pt. 2

  3. My father-in-law grew up in Nazi Germany. Now he lives in the Deep South. He loves Ann Coulter. He talks bout "the black ones." Go to Conservative and go right, then keep going another 50 miles and you'll find his political standpoint. He's a very good man, but he was heavily trained by Hitler's disgusting education machine. He's overcome a lot of it, but it still shows at times.

    The other day, when my wife told him she's working for the Obama campaign, she expected a big response and she got one.

    He was thrilled, because that's who he's voting for.

    We were floored. A liberal African-American who can get this man on his side really has something going for him.

    (Normally, I sign my posts, but mentioning my FIL's past sometimes brings some undesired responses, so I'm going anonymous this time.)

  4. I just have to say Obama gives me the shivers--the kind I used to get when my crush would pass me by in the hallway at high school. I'm afraid that if I ever went to one of his rallies, I'd faint.

    A Russian friend commented on my blog that America would never chose a black person or a woman to be President. I can't wait to prove him wrong.

  5. Message for the first anonymous commenter with the RR dad who is worried about the Muslim stuff:

    Try forwarding him this recent column of mine.