Friday, December 21, 2007

Random Location Post

I am posting this for the mere pleasure of the absurdity of this statement (which is true):

I had a facial today at a dude ranch in Middle of Nowhere, Texas.

Your questions now are "What are you doing in Texas?", "Is it really a dude ranch if they offer spa services?", and "No, I mean really -- wouldn't they kick that ranch out of Texas?"

Alas, you shall live in suspense.


  1. Actually, my question would be -- Is there really a town called "Middle of Nowhere" in Texas? What a great name. If we put that in a book, no one would believe it.

    Enjoy your vacation, whatever and where ever you are.


  2. Found you!

  3. hope you're back in time for Christmas..IF you ARE in texas :)

  4. Just stay away from Gun Barrel City, Tx., and George W., Tx.

    I bet it's nicer down there than it is up here; we just got six inches of snow in the last two hours. Just for fun, I guess.

  5. Ug, Cheryl, I hate cliffhangers!

  6. Cheryl! You are not just at a dude ranch. You are at a MAJOR DUDE ranch. And I hope that you are enjoying every minute of it. (Near Austin, are you?)

    Happy Christmas!