Tuesday, July 03, 2007

On Hiatus

I'm heading off for a long-awaited vacation over the next ten days -- a wedding near San Francisco with James, then hiking in Yosemite with my family -- so the blog will be quiet for a while. See you in Harry Week!


  1. Eerie. I'm heading out to do almost exactly the same. (Wedding in SF on Saturday, then hiking for 2 weeks, including Yosemite.)

    I saw you mentioned in the Time article on HP, and almost squealed. Someone who knows people I went to school with in a big publication, a keeper of Potter secrets. Oh boy.

  2. Hi "full-time Potterologist!" I would say: definitely not the world's worst job! What was that reporter talking about? Very cool article; hope everything is going as smoothly as possible. I am eagerly awaiting midnight at Powell's Books! Have a great time out west. Yosemite is so so so so so gorgeous.

    Also -- thrilled to hear you're a Temeraire fan! I loved the first one and am not letting myself read the next two until I'm finished writing my current book (I am, however, finding the time to reread Half-Blood Prince ;-)

  3. Have fun in the Valley! It is a beautiful place. You can drop your camera there and get a good picture.

    Take lots of mosquito repellant. If you hike to the top of Vernal Falls take water. There is something about climbing up and up rock stairs with the sound of icy rushing waterfall that makes one very, very thirsty.



    Here today, up and off somewhere else tomorrow!
    Travel, change, interest, excitement!

    Mr. Toad in The Wind in the Willows

  4. Have fun!

    Am waiting for Potter week...hope there are lots of updates here then to make up for the next 10 days!


  5. Wow! Sounds lovely! I hope you're having a wonderful time!