Monday, June 25, 2007

The Final Final *Final* Picture-Book Talk Now Online . . .

. . . including my fully illustrated bad picture book!

  • Part I -- the main text of the talk, which I posted Saturday -- here
  • Flash player version of The Bad-Mood Banana Cookies here
  • Part II -- critique of The Bad-Mood Banana Cookies and conclusion -- here

Thank you to everyone who generously offered advice and help on what to do with these images; I chose to go the Flash player route because no one can steal the pictures that way (thank goodness) and the player itself is so darn cool! Thanks especially to Melinda Cordell for putting me in touch with Thuy Nguyen, who designed and hosts the player, and to Thuy herself, of course.

Take a look!

(P.S. And now, ironically, I have to go make cookies. . . .)


  1. I do like those last two lines.

    Beautiful wedding dress, Katy!

  2. Very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sweet - in the best sense of the word - thank you.

  4. Charming story! Was it difficult to do?

  5. Thanks for this! We've been talking about your talk in the OC Illustrators group, relying on my illegible notes and now we have the real thing! Yay!

    Must bake cookies!


  6. That was a really neat presentation. The photos were a great addition!

  7. I'm seriously drop jaw amazed that you were able to really make that work. Not that you're not great at what you do but I read the talk without seeing the visual and thought okay, I see what she did to make that "story" into a "picture book". Then this a.m I saw the final book in visual format and thought....I'll be damned she did do it! Amazing!

  8. I agree with Angela. The story on its own is well, not the best. But, it totally comes to life when illustrated.
    It makes me think how difficult it would be to select an unillustrated PB from the slush.
    Reading just the text, I had questions such as...
    Why wouldn't you start the manuscript with the action of C. stomping, foot banging?
    Why would C., in a bad mood phone her best friend long distance? Would it not make more sense for the phone to ring? Or is C. looking for someone/something to make her feel better?
    You pulled it off. Well done.

  9. A marvelous, marrowy presentation, Cheryl. Should be mandatory reading for all aspiring pb authors.


  10. P.S. Not to imply that your cookies are marrowy (wince).

  11. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us. I really enjoyed reading this talk and seeing your picture book come to life. The pictures were great!

    You've done it again!