Thursday, December 21, 2006

Healthy Owl Lads

In case you haven't heard . . .


I love big Harry Potter announcements because they turn all of us into crazed English teachers. "Hallows": Verb? Noun? What's the significance of the article "the"? If we diagram this title -- or better yet, anagram it -- what will it reveal? (Anagrams for the last two words of this title include "yellow dahl hats," "hallway shed lot," and "lewdly oath lash.") Much fun.


  1. I trotted off to good old online Websters...

    Main Entry: hal·low

    Function: transitive verb
    Etymology: Middle English halowen, from Old English hAlgian, from hAlig holy -- more at HOLY
    1 : to make holy or set apart for holy use
    2 : to respect greatly : VENERATE

    Halloween? Horcruxs? I hope Harry isn't a Horcrux. He can be a Hallow. Noun. Hallows is definitely a noun.

    (Screams into pillow and tears hair) But what does it mean? Please don't say that it means Ron dies.

    I've been babbling all day.


  2. Right you are, Madame Hotttttness, right you are :-) Happy theorizing!

  3. Check out this website which I found through a children's writer's chatboard:

    Scroll down to "hallows" and then it might seem more clear. Think horcruxes.