Sunday, November 19, 2006

My Backup Career Plan

A sign in the laundromat this afternoon:

  • Excellent Rates!
  • Superior Service!
  • Custom Design Options!
  • Discuss Proust!
Yes! There is a place for literature majors in the real world!
(Someday I will return to doing substantive, thoughtful posts about editing and publishing. This week is not that week.)


  1. ROTFL!

    Hey, at least humanities majors get to develop a sense of humor. Those poor, poor engineers and MBA students who just go out and get jobs in their fields! Look what they're missing!

  2. English majors also make dandy telemarketers. I speak from experience.

  3. If English majors PAINT as back-up, what do Art majors do? T

  4. I must ask this very silly question. Would this be the laundromat in the beloved "Knuffle Bunny" by Mo Willems... on 6th Ave.?
    See... children's lit majors know their stuff too!

  5. When I read "Knuffle Bunny," I spent considerable time scrutinizing the illustrations for recognizable landmarks from my 'hood. But alas, my personal laundromat (Apple Laundry, at the corner of 13th St. and 7th Ave.) was not one of them.

    (Putting the apostrophe in front of "hood," which I did automatically, just completely disqualified me from any street cred for using the word "hood," didn't it? Sigh.)