Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Good Pictures, Bad Guys, and Pirates

I've finally uploaded most of my photos from my sister's wedding, the Killer Klein Croquet game, the HP tour, and Lumos to my Flickr account here -- all out of order, but up nonetheless. This picture of Melissa, Emerson, and me was taken at the Los Angeles B&N after our final Scholastic podcast, when we were all exhausted and happy. (N.B.: Melissa is wearing a Harry and the Potters shirt that says, "This guitar is a Horcrux.")


Todd Alcott, a screenwriter and very clever man (he made the "Tools for Writers" cartoon linked below), has a wonderful post today on Bad Guy Plots. And Betsy renders great first lines of children's literature into Pirate Speak. To which I'll add: "I ben accused o' bein' anal retentive, an overachiever, an' a compulsive perfectionist, like them be bad things." Hee.


  1. So fun to see the photos! Your sis looked gorgeous, your hot minister's dress looked beautiful, and you slammed the bjeepers out of that poor croquet ball. Cool groom's cake.

  2. Your sister was beautiful! Congratulations on your croquet win, even if you did dent your dad's building. :)

  3. Hey, I *did* do a good job on Lissa's updo - thanks for your help! You looked great, man. And that friggin' cake was unbelievable.

  4. The flower girl is a cutie!


  5. Cheryl,
    That hot minister dress is not just hot. It's hottttt. Is that enough t's? I dunno, I've lost count.

  6. The photo of you donning the minister dress is fabulous. Keep it handy for alllllllll future encounters with "photo needed" requests.... such as the HOTTTT Babes of Literature contest.
    The wedding looks delightful. Now...
    The photo of you wearing blue with the girls in pink [from rear] makes me think of an entire plot for a chick lit novel.

  7. Thanks for posting pictures! Your minister dress is absolutely gorgeous and you look stunning in it.

    I guess the message is not to make you mad when you have a croquet mallet in your hands and a ball ready to be hit! OUCH! That's quite the dent.

    Love the trophy! LOL!

    Lissa's dress is so beautiful and of course she was stunning in it! :D Loved the cakes too!

    The Potter cast looks like it was a blast!

  8. From my friend Anne's LJ today....


    Tiny eight year old boy in an Azkaban shirt.

    "So," I said, trying to sound sort of disinterested, "Do you like Harry Potter?"

    "No," he said, looking determined. "I like Hermione Granger.

    I gave him a heartfelt thumbs up and a fistful of pennies for the gumball machine."


    Had to share,