Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Can You Handle It?

Apropos of nothing, I bought a new perfume while I was home: Truth by Calvin Klein. It's a nice, subtle, slightly musky scent -- "inspired by the lush freshness of nature and warm sensuality of skin," according to its advertising copy. So if you're near me and you ask, "What's that lovely scent in the air?" I can say with pride: "That's the smell of Truth!" And no one will ever be able to disagree with me again.

(This inevitably reminds me of what might be the best exchange of dialogue ever in the Klein household. My sister was in high school, and our dear dorky dad had just forbidden her from doing something she thought was her right. So she asked, using a then-current slang phrase, "What are you smokin'?"

And Dad replied: "I'm smoking the truth, Melissa!"

The second-best exchange occurred over a Klein family game of Tripoley:

My cousin Holly to her brother: "You're an idiot, Hans."
Uncle John: "No he isn't, Holly. We had him tested.")

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  1. And when you're turning away a guy after a date, you can say, "You can't handle the Truth!"