Saturday, October 29, 2005

Link or Treat!

Catching up on my posts after a busy week:

You are a RAVENCLAW!
As a Ravenclaw and as an NFP, you value imagination, ideas and intelligence. You are
probably somewhat of an individualist and avoid conforming just for its own sake. You are
insightful and perceptive, and since you are empathetic and value harmony, you usually try
to avoid conflict. Of course, you may enjoy participating in heated debates, but only as
long as they remain on an intellectual level and not a personal level. In general, you are
open-minded and curious, and set high standards for yourself.

Enjoy your All Hallows' Eve, everyone!


  1. Cheryl - I took the punctuation test and learned that I am intimidated by quotation marks! I am a hyphen, which I would say is fitting given my tendency to tag parts of sentences onto other parts of sentences...

  2. (the inner librarian shares her opinions on wikipedia...)

    Honestly, wikipedia isn't the kind of place that I'd go for authoritative information; however, it is often a good starting place for researching obscure topics of debate. For example: I was recently discussing the fact that when Indians talk about mutton, they're referring to goat meat, not sheep. And how did I discover what goat meat is called elsewhere? I looked at the wikipedia entry on domestic goat, and I discovered that it's called chevon. Who knew? Point is, with this initial kernel of information, I was able to perform subsequent searches using this new vocabulary (we library folks call this technique "berry picking"). I would never recommend citing wikipedia as a source in a research paper. There's something inherently problematic about an online, editable encyclopedia (many entries are biased (or even factually wrong!), but someone will indicate an objection sooner or later to this stuff), but there is something cool about the collaborative nature of it all. Erik makes fun of my love of wikipedia (and perhaps rightfully so), but he's not as good as I am at finding information on goat meat. So there!

    Incidentally, my result on the punctuation quiz indicated that I am a quotation mark (tho' I doubt Kate finds me at all intimidating). Indeed, the Joyce reference makes this result worthy of further commentary over on my LJ...

  3. you are both quotation marks?! very intimidating. :)

    I didn't see that you had linked to my llama picture before -- I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have a great one of Jeff doing an impression of a llama in front of the llama, but it wasn't quite blogworthy.

  4. It occurs to me that perhaps I should have been a hyphen, simply because I am intimidated by Cheryl. Altho' I maintain that I probably should have been a parenthesis (for obvious reasons).

    And (also in reference to Kate's latest comment (hopefully Cheryl doesn't mind my using the comments field for such communication)) the (alas only mental!) image of Jeff doing a llama impression made me snort. Not to say that the image posted wasn't lovely (it was!), but that one certainly sounds blog-worthy!

  5. oh! I just followed the link to the thing on Bill Watterson, and even before I read it "funny that he's a recluse; I heard him speak!" Yah, my sister is a 1990 Kenyon grad...aside from the sudden disappearance of Calvin, I had no idea...

  6. I too am a Ravenclaw/quotation mark. Very interesting...

  7. Have you looked up "Harry Potter" in Wikipedia? You *are* the expert after maybe your boss, other associate editors and JK herself.

    Just wondering...

  8. I did look it up off your comment, and was interested to read the entry. But while I may be an expert, I'm happy to let the amateurs duke it out here. :-)

    What always amazes me about Wikipedia is the consistency of the editorial tone. . . . Do all the contributors all have some preternatural "encyclopedia voice" they know to use when they write? Or is there some final editor standardizing it? Anyone know?