Saturday, May 14, 2005


I have to finish my editorial notes for The Tenth Power or suffer the wrath of a production editor, so I am at work on a sunny Saturday. And thus I am wasting time and making a quick post in rebellion. Ha! Work! I laugh in the face of work!

And then work crushes me, which is what I get for laughing at it.

A terrific and surprisingly sweet article from the Onion: Cupid Shooting Spree Leaves Dozens Infatuated. "Amateur video shot at the scene shows the apple-cheeked cherub firing bolt after heart-tipped bolt into the crowd. Those hit reacted immediately by clasping their hands between their knees, casting their eyes downward, and digging their toes sheepishly in the dirt. In some cases, the victims hid their eyes altogether and grinned vacuously at absolutely nothing. "

My dear friend Melissa is going to go to Edinburgh and interview J. K. Rowling on the weekend of July 16th! (That is, the weekend of the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, for those few of you who do not regard it as a virtual Holy Day of Obligation.) No one deserves to do this more, and she'll be brilliant. Yay, Melissa! And my newly graduated cousin Hans is also newly engaged, to the lovely Megan! Yay, Hans and Megan!

All right, 12:30. I am going to work now. Bah. I will try to say more interesting things the next time I'm procrastinating.

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