Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Having a bad day? You need to pop some bubble wrap.

My sweet Anthony has reviewed Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Truly I don't feel this is one of his better efforts this spring, as apparently there's just so much he can expend his wit upon that he cannot vary his tone or restrain himself in the slightest; this review amounts to one long sneer. (Nor is there anything to match his immortal line from the Episode I review on Anakin's seemingly virgin birth: "I believe we are in the presence of a Religious Parallel.") Still, he gets some good shots in, so it's worth a read, especially if you hate George Lucas.

Jeremiah, Meredith and I went to a Scholastic preview of "Madagascar" tonight -- more of the typical Dreamworks Animation reference-, celebrity-, and stereotype-driven hooey, though it does have some funny penguins. Bad movies, bah. And then we watched the season finale of "Gilmore Girls," which had infinitely more depth, heart, suspense, and characterization but of course leaves us waiting till next September for the answer to the last line of dialogue. Spy Mommy is back on "Alias" this week, so I'll watch even though I haven't seen the last five or so episodes.

(Speaking of "Alias," I will happily accept this shirt for my eight-month birthday in four days. Also this one or this one, thank you very much, and this -- The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, my lord -- if you're feeling really wonderful and generous.)

I finally finished my edit notes on The Tenth Power today and sent them to Kate, plus I reviewed the book blues for Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time -- so I got a MoonPie. Also I made this not-bad chicken with blue cheese sauce last night, and I have started, really this time, The Brothers Karamazov. Plus I have taken the comforter off my bed, dragged out my summer clothes and sandals, and registered for a playing field for the New York Carleton Club's July picnic and Ultimate Frisbee event, so summer is on its way.

And that is my life du jour. I am going to post a picture now and go to bed.

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