Sunday, April 10, 2005

Signs That Spring Has Returned to Prospect Park

  • The Mr. Softee truck at the corner of 11th St. and Prospect Park West
  • Wonderful soft green grass spread like a quilt beneath the still-brown trees
  • Baseball games at the ball fields
  • Me in a jeanskirt, a short-sleeved shirt, and no hose, reading on a park bench with my shoes off
  • Families having picnics
  • Skateboarders at the bandshell
  • Lovers wrapped around each other on blankets beneath trees
  • Later: Me running in shorts and a t-shirt
  • The weather at the perfect temperature for running: warm enough to be comfortable, but cool enough that you don't get overheated
  • Kids on Big Wheels
  • Dry horse trails (as opposed to muddy or snow-covered ones) (better for running, btw)
  • Robins
  • The little Hasidic girls wearing long pink skirts rather than black skirts as they take their Sunday walk with their parents
  • Willow trees frothing green
  • Nicely built men running with no shirts on (you never see the unnicely built ones without shirts)
  • The return of the African drumming circle
  • The sounds of their drums thrumming throughout the park
  • Redbud trees in bloom
  • White flowers on some other kind of tree (sorry, Ted, I'm ignorant on this point)
  • More people than I've seen during all my winter runs combined
  • Daffodils
  • Birds tweetering
  • At home, later still: the sound of the Mr. Softee song as the truck returns to the garage for the night


  1. "White flowers on some other kind of tree (sorry, Ted, I'm ignorant on this point)"

    A cherry, maybe. Pictures?

  2. My guess is dogwood.