Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Guten tag der Deutschland!

Not that anyone is checking this this week because I said I wouldn't post; but making a blog post from Stuttgart, Germany is just as cool as making one through the air, so here I go! I hope you all are having lovely weeks. I sent two postcards yesterday and more will be written soon. Having lots of good conversations with publishers; seeing lots of good books (though many fewer that will work in the American market); eating lots of German food (spaetzle!) though not drinking a lot of beer as of yet -- mostly wine, though I expect that will change tonight when we go to Munich and the Hofbrauhaus. I love Smart cars; also the Boss Hoss's version of "Hey Ya!", which I saw on MTV2Pop. I have a cold, thanks to travelling, I think, but I am not letting that slow me down, dammit. And speaking of which, I need to run -- if I hurry I can see Hegel's house before I have to be back at the hotel. Hurrah for dorky fun!

(And -- AND -- I beat the editor of the Horn Book magazine at Scrabble. Ha!)

Talk to you all soon!


  1. So the world wants to know...after you had your satisfying victory over said editor of the Horn Book, did you exclaim, "Ha!"?

    More importantly, one wonders if this is how your boss earned the not-so-eternal emnity of the Horn Book.

  2. Okay, okay, so I may have said a tiny little internal "Ha!" . . . but that was as much because it was a really good game (bingoes on both sides, and I won thanks to a last minute BURQA on a triple) as the mere fact of my triumph. (FYI for you HP people, the editor of the Horn Book has not liked HP in the past, though we talked about it tonight and I finally understood why. But I am a little tipsy and on a computer with its y and z keys switched, so I'm not going to try to explain it tonight.) Love zou all, take care -- C