Monday, April 18, 2005

Further Proof That I Am a Virgo (In Case Any Was Needed)

(I know it's generally inexcusably rude and egotistical to repeat one's own witticisms as anecdotes, but as this was an unconscious witticism that just continues to prove my extreme dorkiness, I hope you all will forgive me.)

So Friday Rachel and I are eating lunch with one of our marketing people and I remind Rachel of something we have to remember to do for a manuscript we're excited about (about which we're excited). The talk runs naturally from there to competing publishers to the history of Scholastic to our forthcoming books, and we start brainstorming children's writers who explore religious themes and who might blurb The Book of Everything. The names are flowing, I know I won't remember them on top of everything else I have to take care of, I start groping for a pen and paper, and then I say --

"Wait a minute. . . . I feel a to-do list coming on."


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