Friday, March 18, 2005

Nanny nanny boo boo! I'm not working!

ARGH. I was writing a post with the title above and then Blogger ate it. Bad Blogger. Well, that gives you the tenor of my week, if you're interested: I feel like I am daring greatly by not reading/editing a manuscript in the evening -- and indeed, it's the first time this week I haven't done so. Instead I went to an art reception, then out for a St. Patrick's Day drink and potatoes with my friend Ben, and now I am sitting here posting to my blog. Yes, I defy thee, Gods of Work! I laugh in the face of thy manuscript piles! Ha!

In other news. The good Viacimo directed me to Overheard in New York, which is fantastic. Ginny and Melissa and maybe Ben and I are making plans for Wall-to-Wall Sondheim at Symphony Space on Saturday, which should be awesome -- Joss Whedon, Frank Rich, and Stephen Sondheim in one room! Squee! The presentations I was procrastinating on last week went well. I am going to Germany the last week in April with five other children's book editors. Recent reading: a book called Her First American, by Lore Segal, which I liked but didn't quite love. Katy and I have reservations to see the Before Sunrise / Before Sunset double feature that's part of the Reverse Shot Film Festival April 2-9, and everyone who reads this and lives in New York should come out and see it too.

I will have more to say of significance next time, I promise. Or else I'll post a really long poem by Bob Dylan. Or both.

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  1. The presentations I was procrastinating on last week went well.