Sunday, September 19, 2010

Three E-mail Boxes

One of them public and important, two of them personal and somewhat trivial:

1. See the e-mail box here on the Springfield, Mo. News-Leader letters to the editor page? If you're a fan of Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak, stand up to the Neanderthal who described the book as "soft pornography" and let them know why it and Slaughterhouse-Five should stay in the Republic school district. Maybe cc: your e-mail to the superintendent,, or the principal,, to be sure your message gets heard.

2. See the e-mail box over in the right sidebar? You can enter your e-mail address there to have these blogs delivered to you via e-mail, through a Google Group called chavelaque.

3. See the one smack-dab in the center of the front page of You can enter your address there for updates regarding my book, Second Sight (in first page proofs! and soon to have a cover!); future appearances; and my website in general (e.g. when a new talk is posted), through a Google Group called cherylkleindotcom. The e-mail from this address will be fairly infrequent -- I'd estimate no more than six or seven messages a year -- and neither list will be shared with anyone else. Thanks for your interest.


  1. I've never read Slaughterhouse-Five, but SPEAK is a book that I wanted my girls to read so that we could discuss it together (yes, even as a Christian). I wouldn't have any problem with either of them reading it at school. But, the real issue is that parents need to be involved in their kids' educations, reading the same books their kids are reading in school. And do they forget that it is their right as parents to request their child be given alternative reading material? Instead of banning books, just get involved and engage your children, people!

  2. Just posted about this on my blog:
    I was given the opportunity, when SPEAK first came out, to approve or disapprove my daughter's reading it. After a week of torment (I hate censorship), in the end I decided she wasn't old enough (yet I'm sure she went ahead and read it on her own anyway). But ABSOLUTELY never would I deny someone else's child the right to read whatever they want. Yes, note to parents (from a teacher): read what your children are reading, know what they're talking about. Talk to them!!!

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