Friday, January 08, 2010

Another Terrific Editorial Christmas Present

A few years ago, my dear friend Katy gave me the best pair of gloves any story-lover could desire. This year, Gbemi Rhuday-Perkovich came through with my favorite editorial present. In her Eighth-Grade Superzero, one of the characters takes "THE GODSON" as his D.J. name ("It's like 'The Godfather' -- junior division -- 'Godson' -- get it?"). When I hit this line while I was line-editing, I loved it so much that, in a fit of editorial goofiness -- which, my authors can attest, come over me fairly often -- I wrote my own D.J. name in the margins for Gbemi's amusement. And thanks to this awesome shirt she made for me, now the world can know . . . I am . . .


You know, this may also be my professional wrestling name. My motto: "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair." Because quoting Shelley is how I roll, as The Editrix. Hee.

Thanks again, Gbemi!


  1. I love it! What a great Christmas gift.

    If you are going to enter the ring of pro wrestling, you'll have to work on your enraged, about-to-pop-a-vein facial expressions to accompany your new motto because the one in your photo is way too friendly. Have fun!!

  2. That is awesome! And you look so cute.

  3. Super fun shirt, and I am absolutely dying to read Superzero. The anticipation has been killing me.

  4. HaahaahaaHAAAAAA!!

    Now you need to tell us your DJing style--beat juggling? Deep House? Trance?


  5. Hi!

    I recently ran across your blog and saw that you are a book editor. Could you please maybe give me one piece of advice concerning what a college freshmen should be doing in order to be a successful editor? What should I major in?

  6. I am a writer who once upon a time was a therapist and therefore I must conclude this is a clear case of the "Editrix Text" complex. Very cool gift.

  7. I just realized who you remind me of--Gwenyth Paltro. You look like Gwenyth Paltro!