Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Twitter Chat with Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

In a wide-ranging chat earlier today ("today" actually being January 22nd, 2010; this post has been backdated because of space issues), Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich and I discussed writing, editing, character-building, and race in publishing with a group of thoughtful Twitterers. Le transcript:

January 22, 2010
2:23 am olugbemisola: RT @srjohannes: RT @chavelaque: @olugbemisola and cheryl will Twitter-chat Friday from 12-1 EST, hashtag #8GS0. Details: http://shar.es/aTaV5
2:28 pm chavelaque: Last reminder: @olugbemisola and I Twitter-chat TODAY from 12-1, hashtag #8GS0. Transcript will be posted afterward.
2:30 pm SaraKase: RT @chavelaque: Last reminder: @olugbemisola and I Twitter-chat TODAY from 12-1, hashtag #8GS0. Transcript will be posted afterward.
2:30 pm TaraLazar: EIGHTH-GRADE SUPERZERO! RT @chavelaque: @olugbemisola & I Twitter-chat TODAY from 12-1, hashtag #8GS0. Transcript posted afterward. #kidlit
2:31 pm JacquiRobbins: RT @chavelaque Last reminder: @olugbemisola and I Twitter-chat TODAY from 12-1, hashtag #8GS0. Transcript will be posted afterward.
2:33 pm victoriajcoe: RT @chavelaque Reminder: @olugbemisola and I Twitter-chat TODAY from 12-1, hashtag #8GS0. Transcript will be posted afterward. #kidlit
2:42 pm AALBooks: TODAY twitterchat with @olugbemisola and @chavelaque 12 pm EST SHARP use hashtag #8GS0. Be there or be a SUPERZERO!
3:20 pm inkyelbows: Twitterchat: @olugbemisola & @chavelaque TODAY 12-1p EST, hashtag #8GS0. Details: http://shar.es/aTaV5 (via @srjohannes)
3:22 pm hashtager: # Twitterchat: @olugbemisola & @chavelaque TODAY 12-1p EST, hashtag #8GS0. Details: http://shar.es/aTaV5 (via @srjohannes)
5:00 pm chavelaque: <> Hello, anyone? #8GS0
5:01 pm olugbemisola: I'm here! (I think) #8GS0 #8GS0
5:01 pm HeleneBoudreau: RT @chavelaque: <> Hello, anyone? #8GS0
5:01 pm StephanieDBrown: Hello! Thanks for doing this. :) #8GS0
5:02 pm victoriajcoe: Congrats on the book! Crazy in love with the characters! #8GS0
5:02 pm SaraLewisHolmes: I'm here, coffee in hand. It's sleeting outside, so I'm relieved to be inside listening to you two! #8gs0
5:02 pm chavelaque: Oh, good! Welcome, everyone, & good to see you as always, @olugbemisola. :-) #8GS0
5:03 pm lauram68: @chavelaque hey chica! #8gs0
5:03 pm olugbemisola: thanks! this will be fun. #8GS0
5:03 pm StephanieDBrown: I ordered #8GS0 yesterday and I can't wait for my copy to arrive in the mail! I keep hearing how wonderful the characters are.
5:04 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown thank u! character is my favourite part of the writing process #8GS0
5:04 pm chavelaque: Just to dive right in, Gbemi - I've heard you say SUPERZERO started with an image. What was it, & how did you develop it from there? #8GS0
5:04 pm thebrainlair: i just started reading. I'm at the part when Reggie goes to the homeless shelter with the youth group. Is it okay to join? #8gs0
5:05 pm olugbemisola: a boy in his bed in the middle of the night with the cover pulled over his head because there were bugs loose in his room #8GS0
5:05 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque & he was terrified that one would crawl into his mouth. & it was secretly being filmed 4 a school TV show. #8GS0
5:05 pm chavelaque: @thebrainlair Absolutely! The convo will be more general/writing/etc. than book-plot focused. #8GS0
5:05 pm olugbemisola: @thebrainlair please do! #8GS0
5:05 pm thebrainlair: RT @chavelaque: dive right in, Gbemi - Ive heard U say SUPERZERO started w/ an image. Wht was it, & how did U develop it from there? #8GS0
5:06 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque all of that changed, including his age, but his personality remained the same #8GS0
5:07 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola Yup! And it really did start w/ ideas of embarrassment at school, fear, how that's connected to home . . . #8GS0
5:07 pm StephanieDBrown: @olugbemisola so it seems that photo of a boy's fears spoke to you? #8GS0
5:07 pm thebrainlair: Join the chat with @olugbemisola and @chavelaque about writing and 8th grade superzero #8gs0
5:07 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque i did not at all expect to develop that image into a book #8GS0
5:08 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown definitely. that time during the teen years... #8GS0
5:08 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola You had to write three pages for a class or writing group, right? #8GS0
5:08 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown that acute self-consciousness... #8GS0
5:09 pm SaraLewisHolmes: Are YOU afraid of bugs? Or TV shows? Or did you draw on other fears? #8gs0
5:09 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque yes, it was the night b4 the application was due 4 a wkshp w. Paula Danziger #8GS0
5:09 pm olugbemisola: @SaraLewisHolmes i am afraid of bugs now, i'm sorry to say. didn't used to be! i used to make 'ant hospitals' when i was a kid! #8GS0
5:10 pm olugbemisola: @SaraLewisHolmes i try to hide my current fear from my bug-enthusiast daughter. #8GS0
5:10 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola So where did you take it from there? #8GS0
5:11 pm chavelaque: Also what strikes me about it is that so often, as an editor, I'm trying to push through the story/action to get to the prime emotion #8GS0
5:11 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque Paula really encouraged me to continue on, and I didn't listen to her for a long time, but #8GS0
5:11 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque the character stayed with me #8GS0
5:12 pm chavelaque: + that the scene needs to convey, so we can better build action to do that - sounds like you started with emotion & built from there #8GS0
5:12 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque and after deciding to change Reggie's age from 10 to 13, there were themes that i really wanted to explore #8GS0
5:13 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque definitely. character and emotion are my favourite parts of the process. #8GS0
5:13 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola Did you develop Reggie consciously? Profiles, taste charts, etc.? Or more through just writing? #8GS0
5:14 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque i spend a *lot* of time thinking & writing notes, #8GS0
5:14 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque I do a lot of "think" writing, & imagine my characters in different situations, at different points during the day... #8GS0
5:15 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque when i'm riding the train or walking, i might imagine "what would x do in this situation, or in this conversation, #8GS0
5:15 pm olugbemisola: or if she had to confront that person" etc. a lot happens in the course of revision too. & sometimes a scene will come to mind, #8GS0
5:15 pm victoriajcoe: @olugbemisola, How did you decide how much personal context to give each 2ndary character (eg, Vicki, Donovan)? #8GS0
5:16 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque sometimes i see people who remind me of some aspect of a character, and observe them for a while. #8GS0
5:16 pm olugbemisola: @victoriajcoe Vicky is NOTHING like any Vickys I know! :) #8GS0
5:17 pm victoriajcoe: @olugbemisola I'm serious! #8gs0
5:17 pm olugbemisola: @victoriajcoe I was very interested in an 'ensemble piece', and i think that #8GS0
5:17 pm olugbemisola: @victoriajcoe well-developed 2ndary characters really move the story along and go along way toward the MC's growth #8GS0
5:18 pm olugbemisola: @victoriajcoe and the 'mean' characters are a lot of fun! #8GS0
5:19 pm victoriajcoe: @olugbemisola I loved what you said: Everyone has a story, and everyone's story matters #8gs0
5:19 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola @victoriajcoe There's one scene w/ Vicky in the cafeteria we played and played with to get right -- #8GS0
5:19 pm SaraLewisHolmes: I agree. Outstanding secondary characters are necessary for me to fall into the world of a book. Can't just be the MC. #8gs0
5:19 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque i don't do much character journaling, but i did 4 reggie because i struggled quite a bit with making him sympathetic #8GS0
5:20 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque without making him seem too whiny. #8GS0
5:20 pm chavelaque: + I think it came out of the MS once, then went back in - b/c it did show that Vicky had feelings, & a story, when she comes off hard. #8GS0
5:20 pm StephanieDBrown: @olugbemisola how long did you work on it before you started working with @chavelaque? #8GS0
5:21 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque that was important to me, and in a way it was equally important to me to leave out a lot of Donovan's backstory #8GS0
5:22 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown well...i started those first three pages in 2002, then i didn't do anything with it until the summer of 2006 when i #8GS0
5:22 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown queried @chavelaque #8GS0
5:22 pm victoriajcoe: @olugbemisola @chevaleque Yes, the 2ndary characters' stories seem to matter and it's all very satisfying #8gs0
5:23 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown i shouldn't say i didn't do anything...i think my subconscious worked on it a lot, and oh! #8GS0
5:23 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola Wait, you hadn't written the book when you queried me? #8GS0
5:24 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown i did a fantastic workshop with author kate morgenroth and worked out some of the chapters & themes then #8GS0
5:24 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque um. #8GS0
5:24 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque how would you define 'written'? #8GS0
5:24 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola I did not know this. Normally I disapprove, b/c I think writers shld be committed w/o editor's interest. #8GS0
5:25 pm olugbemisola: @victoriajcoe thank you! #8GS0
5:25 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque i was stuck for a long time, and my master plan #8GS0
5:25 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola But I will forgive you. :-) - Sry, just saw yrs. "written" = "completed draft." #8GS0
5:25 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque was that querying you would get me over the finish line #8GS0
5:26 pm StephanieDBrown: @olugbemisola It sounds like you did a lot of writing in those yrs btw 02-06; and I know every writer's process is different. #8GS0
5:26 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque thank you! (but, don't try this at home, kids.) #8GS0
5:27 pm KarenMusings: @olugbemisola Were you involved in any critique groups when you were writing the book? If so, were they helpful? #8GS0
5:27 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola I was surprised you queried me, honestly, b/c it seems often Black writers submit mostly to Black editors-understandably #8GS0
5:27 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown i did. i have journals and notebooks full of scenes, notes, random thoughts, etc. that all #8GS0
5:27 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown contributed to the final story #8GS0
5:28 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque well, for one thing, there weren't very many 2 submit to, which is a problem #8GS0
5:28 pm StephanieDBrown: @olugbemisola Picking up from @chavelaque comment, what made you query her? #8GS0
5:29 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque & i had spent a lot of time reading your blog and going over books you'd edited, and thought that you would connect #8GS0
5:29 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque with some of the themes in the story #8GS0
5:30 pm StephanieDBrown: @olugbemisola Got my answer. :) #8GS0
5:30 pm olugbemisola: @KarenMusings i was in one with kate morgenroth that was very helpful, especially in highlighting Reggie's positive qualities #8GS0
5:30 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola Which I did! And I was honored/excited to work on it. #8GS0
5:30 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown ok, cool! :) #8GS0
5:31 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque thank you! right back at you. you were so helpful in the revision process #8GS0
5:31 pm editorgurl: Listening in on the great conversation with editor @chavelaque and @olugbemisola right now. Follow with hashtag: #8GS0
5:32 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque esp. because you care about structure and story and look for ways to construct a story #8GS0
5:32 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola I admit I sometimes also felt like Stupid White Editor, not quite getting something outside my experience. #8GS0
5:32 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque without sacrificing its emotional heart #8GS0
5:33 pm StephanieDBrown: @olugbemisola I was inspired by your author video. You'd make a great speaker @ libraries, bk stores & schools. Any dates set yet? #8GS0
5:33 pm chavelaque: + But I felt that way with @saralewisholmes's OPERATION YES too, where I was Stupid Civilian Editor, not getting something military... #8GS0
5:33 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque the important thing was that you were willing to engage, and didn't dismiss it as alien simply because of the race of #8GS0
5:33 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque the characters. #8GS0
5:33 pm KarenMusings: @chavelaque Do you think that writers of color are sometimes put into a box of the type of topics that they can write? #8GS0
5:33 pm gregpincus: Me, too! RT @editorgurl: Listening in on the great conversation w/ editor @chavelaque and @olugbemisola right now.Follow with hashtag: #8GS0
5:34 pm chavelaque: + A big part of being an editor: being humble & getting educated by yr authors, & helping share their story clearly w/ all readers. #8GS0
5:34 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque i do appreciate editors, readers, etc. of other races, ethnicities, & cultures who are willing to cross borders, #8GS0
5:34 pm StephanieDBrown: @KarenMusings Great question! #8GS0
5:35 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque engage, educate themselves... in the end, that willingness 2keep trying to get it right, on all sides, is vital #8GS0
5:36 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola Me too! "the willingness to keep trying to get it right," even when miscommunications or misunderstandings happen -- #8GS0
5:36 pm thaliachaltas: RT @gregpincus: @editorgurl: Listening in on the great conversation w/ editor @chavelaque and @olugbemisola right now.Follow hashtag #8GS0
5:36 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown thank you! that was hard. and yes, i am doing one next week! #8GS0
5:36 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola Crucially important. & everyone getting their egos out of the way for the good of characters, story & book. #8GS0
5:37 pm olugbemisola: @KarenMusings absolutely. #8GS0
5:37 pm olugbemisola: @KarenMusings it's offensive, and silly, really... #8GS0
5:37 pm bonnieadamson: Also lurkimg . . .RT @gregpincus @editorgurl: Listening in on great conversation w/ editor @chavelaque and @olugbemisola right now. #8GS0
5:37 pm SaraLewisHolmes: @chavelaque You were NEVER Stupid Civilian Editor. Always curious, kind editor. #8gs0
5:38 pm olugbemisola: @KarenMusings just like anyone else, our stories are about more than the colour of our skin, though they are very much impacted #8GS0
5:38 pm olugbemisola: @KarenMusings by that, and very much enriched by that as well. #8GS0
5:38 pm StephanieDBrown: @olugbemisola It didn't look hard. It seems u spoke from the heart in that video. I knew then that your book would read the same way. #8GS0
5:39 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque that was why i was stuck 4 such a long time... #8GS0
5:39 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque i was thinking more about me the author than the characters and their stories #8GS0
5:39 pm 2nickels: @olugbemisola Sounds like you started with characters (not surprising! such good characters!) - how did the plot come into place? #8gs0
5:39 pm KarenMusings: RT @StephanieDBrown: @olugbemisola It seems u spoke from the heart in that video. <--Yes, totally agree. Loved it. #8GS0
5:39 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown thank you! it really helped that it was done with family -- a filmmaker who is a very dear friend, my husband, #8GS0
5:40 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown my sister, and my daughter (who was an exceptional crew member!) i wouldn't have done it otherwise. #8GS0
5:41 pm olugbemisola: @2nickels i did early on have an idea of the school election...and of my MC having thrown up on the first day of school #8GS0
5:41 pm bonnieadamson: @olugbemisola Adding my congratulations on a beautiful trailer. #8GS0, a
5:41 pm olugbemisola: @2nickels & needing 2 get past that. a lot of the work that i did with children & teens in the meantime really informed the story #8GS0
5:41 pm chavelaque: @saralewisholmes Well, thx! But I *felt* like Stupid Civilian Editor. & it's hard, when I'm used to being Editor w/ (some) Answers - #8GS0
5:42 pm olugbemisola: @bonnieadamson thank you! #8GS0
5:42 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque you are The Editrix! #8GS0
5:42 pm chavelaque: + to let go & admit what feels like stupidity. #8GS0
5:42 pm olugbemisola: @victoriajcoe you should have seen me in high school! :) #8GS0
5:43 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola Process Q's: What's yr usual writing schedule? Morning, midday, or night? Pen & paper or computer? Best writing place? #8GS0
5:43 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque i think it was katherine paterson who wrote that a stupid person is someone who doesn't know today #8GS0
5:44 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque what u found out yesterday. also, accepting ignorance and moving forward from there is not stupidity! #8GS0
5:44 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque i think i am at my best in the morning, after prayer. #8GS0
5:45 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola. V. true, thanks. But did not intend this to turn into Reassure-Editor Chat! Just admitting humility. ;-) #8GS0
5:45 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque But i?ve had to learn to use whatever time i have; sometimes i don?t get the ideal ?writerly? time every day #8GS0
5:47 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque i most always use pen & paper first. nice & portable. i no longer have a laptop! don't think i have a best place to write. #8GS0
5:47 pm SaraLewisHolmes: @olugbemisola If this is too personal, forgive me. Do you pray about your writing? (as one who does herself) #8gs0
5:47 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque wish that i was someone who could write at cafes-i used to fantasize about that as a kid, but most times that i try #8GS0
5:47 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque i feel extremely pretentious. i like working at home, in public libraries...school library is great too. #8GS0
5:48 pm StephanieDBrown: @olugbemisola Pen & paper gets the ideas flowing, for sure. #8GS0
5:48 pm olugbemisola: @SaraLewisHolmes yes and yes! i pray a lot about the 'getting out of the way' that we talked about earlier. #8GS0
5:48 pm KarenMusings: RT @olugbemisola: i most always use pen & paper first. nice & portable. <-- Starting to realize this now too. Laptops distract me. #8GS0
5:49 pm olugbemisola: @SaraLewisHolmes for 'eyes that see' and 'ears that hear'. #8GS0
5:49 pm StephanieDBrown: @olugbemisola how do you know when your book ends? #8GS0
5:49 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola Are any of yr favorite places in Brooklyn mentioned in the book? (Love our borough! = another thing I connected with.) #8GS0
5:49 pm StephanieDBrown: @olugbemisola Who're some of the writers who've inspired you? #8GS0
5:49 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown i really believe that, then by the time i get to the computer, i've done some revising and thinking already #8GS0
5:50 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown for SUPERZERO, and for my WIP, I had the end in mind very early on #8GS0
5:51 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque Brooklyn Bridge!i love seeing the sun rise up there. i love seeing people of all sizes, shapes, colours, ages, #8GS0
5:51 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque physical abilities, traveling back & 4th on foot, on bicycles, in wheelchairs -- everything. #8GS0
5:51 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola @StephanieDBrown 2 go back 2 something earlier-1 of my fave writing quotes is "A writer does not know what a book is" #8GS0
5:51 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque i love that i've been seeing & chatting with some of the same people on the bridge 4 years; #8GS0
5:51 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque sometimes if you haven't been around 4 a while, they ask after you! very cool. i get story ideas up there a lot. #8GS0
5:52 pm chavelaque: + "till he gets to the end of it, & rest must be revised to fit that" - Maxwell Perkins. & that's why I worry when writers submit #8GS0
5:52 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown maya angelou, zora neale hurston, madeleine l'engle, paula danziger, chinua achebe... #8GS0
5:52 pm AudryT: :::taking a look to see what #8GS0 is:::::::
5:52 pm olugbemisola: c.s. lewis. eloise greenfield, camille yarbrough #8GS0
5:52 pm chavelaque: + before book is done, b/c not all thinking/knowledge of book is there yet, so it isn't really ready to submit. #8GS0
5:53 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque great quote. it was, and is a struggle to avoid that force-fitting trap. #8GS0
5:54 pm StephanieDBrown: @chavelaque Great quote! That's why getting through the 1st draft is so important & revising afterward. #8GS0
5:54 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola LOVE the bridge too. In the summer, I walk home across it from work sometimes -- always a great day. #8GS0
5:55 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola Key thought of the book is that small things can make a big difference - any small things you'd like Twitterers to know? #8GS0
5:55 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque actually, i guess the bridge features more in my possible ruthie story (so far) than in 8GS0, but it was a big part of #8GS0
5:55 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque the writing process for me #8GS0
5:56 pm StephanieDBrown: @olugbemisola Great list of inspiring authors! #8GS0
5:56 pm olugbemisola: @StephanieDBrown i love love love to revise #8GS0
5:56 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque a kind word to a family member is just as important as waging a large campaign 4 justice #8GS0
5:57 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque it's good to do things that make u uncomfortable sometimes, and then not feel obligated to do them again #8GS0
5:57 pm SaraLewisHolmes: Small things: e.e. cummings: "may my heart always be open to little birds who are the secrets of living... #8gs0
5:57 pm SaraLewisHolmes: + /whatever they sing is better than to know" #8gs0
5:57 pm AuthoressAnon: @olugbemisola @chavelaque May I just say--I WAS THERE watching it unfold behind the scenes! And squeed a lot. =D #8GS0
5:57 pm chavelaque: @KarenMusings You asked me the writers of color box question ... I don't know. I'm open to every human story, I hope. #8GS0
5:57 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque bananas are an almost perfect snack (that was one of the last things my mom told me b4 she died) #8GS0
5:58 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque i had a banana on release day #8GS0
5:58 pm chavelaque: @KarenMusings But the writers themselves can prob. speak better to that question than I. #8GS0
5:58 pm olugbemisola: @SaraLewisHolmes that's beautiful #8GS0
5:59 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque i'm going to have one now #8GS0
5:59 pm KarenMusings: @chavelaque I agree. Stories are emotional and speak from the heart. And that is universal. #8GS0
5:59 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola Oh, that's wonderful! Your mother is right. Portable, tasty, and cheerful, like a smile: :-) #8GS0
5:59 pm SaraLewisHolmes: @olugbemisola So is the fact that you ate a banana on release day. :) #8gs0
5:59 pm AudryT: Oooh, #8GS0 is all about SUPERZERO, writing, and publishing. Very cool!
6:00 pm victoriajcoe: We should all eat a banana now! #8GS0
6:00 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque @saralewisholmes :) #8GS0
6:00 pm SaraLewisHolmes: RT @olugbemisola: @chavelaque its good to do things that make u uncomfortable sometimes, and then not feel obligated to do them again #8gs0
6:00 pm StephanieDBrown: @chavelaque That's so true! I never thought of it...but a banana curves like a smile! :) #8GS0
6:00 pm olugbemisola: @victoriajcoe :D #8GS0
6:00 pm chavelaque: @olugbemisola @victoriajcoe Yay for bananas! And SUPERZERO! #8GS0
6:01 pm olugbemisola: thanks so much, everyone! #8GS0
6:01 pm victoriajcoe: @chavelaque @olugbemisola Thanks so much for the chat! #8gs0
6:02 pm chavelaque: It's 1 p.m. - thanks so much to you all for joining us!! A transcript will be posted at one of our blogs soon. #8GS0
6:02 pm KarenMusings: Thank you @olugbemisola @chavelaque. Great chat. #8GS0
6:02 pm olugbemisola: @chavelaque thanks again! and thank you, cheryl! #8GS0
6:02 pm StephanieDBrown: @olugbemisola @chavelaque Thank you for a wonderful chat! #8GS0
6:03 pm bonnieadamson: @chavelaque @olugbemisola Thank you both! #8GS0
6:03 pm SaraLewisHolmes: Hugs to you both. This was lovely. #8gs0
6:04 pm olugbemisola: you all made this a pleasure. #8GS0
6:04 pm olugbemisola: have a wonderful day! #8GS0
6:07 pm curiousmartha: RT @chavelaque: + A big part of being an editor: being humble & getting educated by yr authors, & helping share their story clearly w/ all readers. #8GS0
6:09 pm kristinlgray: @chavelaque @olugbemisola Thank you both! #8GS0
6:13 pm olugbemisola: & multicultural & multiethnic literature & literacy came up, the importance of education & engaging... #8GS0
6:14 pm olugbemisola: wanted to share some resources: @readingincolor @mitaliperkins @CrazyQuilts @CynLeitichSmith @debreese @chasingray #8GS0
6:14 pm olugbemisola: @coloronline @thebrownbookshelf (28 days later coming soon!) @BronzeWord @nathaliemvondo #8GS0
6:14 pm olugbemisola: Bowllan's Blog at SLJ: http://tinyurl.com/5sgce5 Doret at http://thehappynappybookseller.blogspot.com/ #8GS0
6:16 pm olugbemisola: reading the world challenge @ http://www.papertigers.org global reading challenge@ http://2010globalchallenge.blogspot.com/ #8GS0

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