Sunday, November 01, 2009

Welcome, SLJ Readers! + Next Kidlit Drinks Night

If you're coming here for the first time because of Betsy's kind article in School Library Journal, thank you for stopping by! I appreciate the time and attention. I'm a senior editor at Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic, where I edit and publish a wide range of books, and I've also been a blogger here at Brooklyn Arden since 2005 -- sometimes about personal stuff, sometimes work or kidlit or writing stuff, sometimes recipes, sometimes nonsense. I also have a website where many of my past talks for writers are archived, at, plus I Twitter.

As you'll see from my post on October 1 below, the blog has mostly been on hiatus for the last month while I've been concentrating on work projects and some upcoming speeches I'm giving; but you might be interested in these past posts about children's literature or writing:

(A little aside to longtime blog readers: The green satin cocktail dress I cite as one of my favorite things in life? It's the one I'm wearing in the picture that accompanies the article -- very Mad Men.)

And for everyone: Our next NYC Kidlit Drink Night will be Thursday, November 12, at the Globe Bar on 23rd St., between Lexington and 3rd Ave. -- the very bar where the cover and photos for that article were shot. The festivities will start a little after six. If you'd like to get an e-mail reminder about this or be on the mailing list for future Kidlit Drink Nights, send a message to nyckidlitdrinks at gmail dot com and we'll sign you up.

Thank you again for visiting; please come back; and happy November!


  1. when will Leaf and Tree be available?

  2. I'm going crazy trying to pull up the submissions link to get your companys address my computer is like fort knox. do you have a post containing your submission guidelines and address? Also, can I send it directly to you or does it go through someone else first?

  3. Leaf and Tree (now to be called Second Sight) will be available in January.

    My submissions guidelines are at My interns look at submissions first, but I see everything.

  4. i really, really hope that i can arrange my schedule at work to come in for drinks night. fingers crossed!

  5. Look at you all Fab on the cover of SLJ. Congrats!

  6. I was reading your blog about reasons why people love Harry Potter. They were spot on...especially the one about Complexity. I have always said that and it's soooo true.

    I'm a big fan of Tolkien and Lewis, but I thought they (especially Tolkien) were too simplistic in their view of good and evil as it relates to people. I love that the lines between WHAT is good and what is evil were clearly drawn, but the WHO was a little more simplistic than is the case in real life.

    Severus Snape was my favorite character in the whole series (I love Dumbledore too) and was amazingly complex...anyway, great post.

  7. Love the blog - (came here by way of SLJ) but no full-post feeds available? I subscribe with Google Reader and just don't have time to go to each site to read full posts. Please consider offering the full post via RSS! Please o please!

  8. Kelley, I confess your comment was mostly Greek to me, but I went and looked at my settings, found one called Site Feed, and switched the post feed from short to full. So there you go! Now it should work.

  9. Hello, I am an intern at Simon & Schuster in the children’s department, and I was hoping I could get your mailing address. We would love to be able to send books for possible reviews in your blogs and other promotional information. If you would like to specify what kinds of children's books you prefer, I will happily make a note of it for you. My email address is
    Sincerely, Rainna Erikson
    Publicity Intern
    Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
    1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
    (212) 698-1228

  10. Leaf and Tree (now to be called Second Sight) will be available in January. Work from home India

  11. i really, really hope that i can arrange

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