Sunday, May 31, 2009

How to Be A Twitter Writer? Wittier and Rather Tighter.

Partly because I've been so bad at long-form blogging lately, I'm going to try Twittering for the summer: @chavelaque. And as fascinating as I find my sandwiches, I promise to try to keep my daily-life tweets vs. interesting or amusing thoughts on something like a 1:2 ratio.


  1. Are you going to sync it with facebook? I don't check Twitter too much but I look at facebook all the time!

  2. Pre-Twitter Brooklyn Arden AddictsJune 02, 2009 5:40 PM

    HELP! We love your posts! We're hooked, habituated, addicted. You're our dealer, and you're cutting off supply! What are we going to do?

    [Welcome to the wonderful world (aka gaping maw) of Audience Demand! (Ask Dan Brown and JKR.)]

    Compassion, we beseech you, O Mighty Re-allocator of Your Resources: Before you sign off, one last post, please!
    Tell us how to tune in to your tweets, whether witty or gastronomical. How do we find them?

    Otherwise, we--and Brooklyn Arden readers like us--face cold turkey.

    No, no, we eschew it. Have mercy, spare us. Just one little set of instructions, we beg you.

  3. I'm not quitting Brooklyn Arden forever -- far from it! I'm just posting little 140-character bits of nonsense, since it seems like I don't have time to write 1400- or even 140-word posts these days. You non-Twitterers can follow me at

  4. I'm just getting my feet wet in Twitter, so consider yourself followed!

  5. Cheryl, I will always be interested in your sandwiches. And slightly competitive.