Friday, February 27, 2009

SQUID Friday

I'm moving offices next week (just upstairs, it doesn't change anything about how you should submit to me), and so today I was determined to go through and respond to as many SQUIDs as I could. The oldest were a few shameful hangovers from July (yeesh); the newest from Monday. And the numbers:

  • 113 total
  • 6 requests for more material
  • 12 held for further review
  • 95 returned
I'm also instituting an acceptance form I talked about a long time ago but never actually made up, so, if I'm interested in the manuscript, I just have to fill in the writer's name, the title, and what I would like him or her to respond with: five chapters, the full ms., patience (i.e., the further review), or a revision based upon comments I write on the letter. This form has already proved MUCH faster than the old method of typing up a complete letter for the writer, filling in the name, address, and title, printing it out on letterhead, etc., so I'm hopeful it will continue to increase my efficiency and decrease my response time in the future.

Finally, there was not a single ". . . Or did she?" query letter in the bunch. Thanks for paying attention!


  1. I hope mine is one of the 12 or 6.



  2. Thanks for the update on the SQUIDs! Amy

  3. I"m all for a form if it speeds up the process. Good for you! Maybe other editors will find it useful.