Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This Makes Me So Happy.

Via bookshelves of doom; click the picture for details.

Next I hope they do Emma the Vampire Slayer -- though the Regency is still a bit too early for Edward Cullen, I guess.

(P.S.: Longtime readers may remember Melissa W.'s work of Pants genius in the comments here; it's almost equally amusing to substitute "BRAAAAAINS!" in the same quotes.)


  1. Thanks for alerting us to this important book! This will be perfect to give to my teenage son the next time he sees me reading/watching Austen and proclaims, "Oh, Mr. Dahhhrrcy!"

  2. Cheryl, do you remember Genette's Lizzy the Vampire Slayer?

  3. I do! That was before I became a Buffy fan, so I didn't appreciate it properly . . . I should go back and reread it.

  4. I saw something about this book the other day, and that night I had a nightmare about zombies!