Friday, October 31, 2008

SQUIDding Around

Sorry about the lack of updates for the last week -- I've just been doing life-*, work-**, food-***. election-****, or Halloween-type***** things rather than blogging. But to answer a few questions that have come up a lot lately:  

  1. Yes, I am officially open to SQUIDs again. 
  2. Responses have gone out to many of those I received since I closed to submissions in July (because some of you didn't get the memo, apparently . . . ).   
  3. I do indeed appear as a character in Melissa Anelli's excellent Harry, A History, which will be in stores next Tuesday.  You can see my review of the book on Goodreads here.
  4. Mature llamas average 42"-46" at the withers and should range between 250 and 350 lbs.
Hope you find that useful! And happy Halloween!

* Laundry and America's Next Top Model, which, I admit, I watched instead of Barack last night. Any other Marjorie fans out there? Also, on opening night, High School Musical 3:  Senior Year, which I enjoyed very much while I was watching it and forgot pretty much immediately on leaving the theatre. 
** Critiques and the first book in Lisa Yee's hilarious Bobby Ellis-Chan series.
*** Making pumpkin bread and this amazing Sweet Potato Carrot Soup.
**** Shamefully, this mostly means reading every bit of coverage I can get my eyes on, though I am going to Pennsylvania again this weekend. Be sure to check out this inspiring New York Times column about Barack and the possibilities of America. 
***** Speaking of the election:  Yes We Carve.


  1. As you're a fan of Obama, the llama song, and children's/YA books, I'm sure you've seen this...

    ...but here's the link just in case you missed it.


  2. Thanks, Cheryl. The llama size issue has been plaguing my thoughts for weeks. Now I feel I can finally move on.

  3. Hey Cheryl,

    What's your usual response time for unagented and agented submissions?

    Thanks, and Happy Halloween!

  4. I LOVE the NYT article. And since I think you like theatre, too:

  5. Thank you for posting that you not only watch Top Model but are a fan of Marjorie. Me too! Me too! I say it proudly and with confidence now.

  6. Thanks for the update regarding SQUIDS and all the other tidbits in this post.

    I know you've been busy with election stuff (and thanks for that, too). Only two more days and, if there is any justice in this world, we will have an Obama presidency to look forward to.