Sunday, July 06, 2008

All Good Things

  • Jott, a phone/e-mail service that allows you to call a number, name a recipient, record a voice message, and then have that voice message delivered to the recipient as both a text message and e-mail, FREE. It's pretty amazing.
  • Wall-E: What everyone else in the world has said.
  • Hancock: Not a perfect movie by any means, but an altogether original take on the superhero mythos, with some laugh-out-loud funny moments and excellent performances. Worth seeing.
  • Reprise: Or if you'd rather take in foreign-language cinema, which definitely needs your support more than those Hollywood blockbusters do, check out this rambunctious Norwegian film following two young men submitting their first novels for publication. One gets published instantly; one doesn't; and its vision of friendship, love, the literary life, and being artistic and serious in your twenties unfolds with wonderful truth and verve.
  • Lyle Lovett live: He is touring, with his Large Band and a full gospel choir, and he is genius.
  • Harry and the Potters: They are also touring, with the Unlimited Enthusiasm Expo, and they are also genius -- where else will you see Albus Dumbledore rapping about his love for tenpin bowling? The only sad moment of this concert for me was when tour partner band Uncle Monsterface launched into an unorthodox cover of "Like a Prayer," and I realized none of my fellow concertgoers were singing along to the lyrics because they were too young to know them. Kids today just don't appreciate the classics. (Though glory, that video has not aged well.)
  • Sagamore Hill: Being history dorks, this weekend James and I took the Long Island Railroad out to Oyster Bay to visit Theodore Roosevelt's family home, which has been almost perfectly preserved as it was when he lived there. Every room was filled with interesting memorabilia (especially animal heads or skins), decorations, and especially books: Apparently at one point TR read three books a day! I came away with even more respect for his energy and courage, and I recommend his house to New Yorkers for a grand day out.
  • Word Challenge on Facebook.
  • Ice cream.


  1. oooh word challenge! Ive been stuck on the same points for two weeks now, there's nothing more frustrating!

  2. I've not heard anything about Wall-E! What did you think of it?

    I loved Hancock. I loved the twist at the end, and that there wasn't the traditional big bad super villain to the movie.

  3. Long ago I dated Lyle Lovett's cousin (we actually met at Lyle's concert) and I got to meet Lyle in person. I'd never been star struck before - what an intensely embarrassing and disabling experience. We brought him ginger snap cookies - supposedly his favorite.
    I think he's a genius too.

  4. I would have loved to be in the audience for Harry and the Potters especially for the "Like a Prayer" cover.

    No one knew the lyrics, huh. That is sad! The only Madonna I have on my Ipod is old-school. :)

  5. "Like a Prayer?!" They didn't know the words to "Like a Prayer?!"

    Were you rocking out with 4-year-olds?

    *is 22*

    Am I old?