Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Utter Silliness

I am posting today for the sole pleasure of making a little diagonal line in the calendar on the right. See it? Whee!

But in order to make up for wasting your time:

  • The Reading Reptile, a most excellent independent children's bookstore in my dear hometown of Kansas City, MO, is holding a Debt Depletion Auction featuring many signed books and original picture-book art. There's some awesome stuff there, like the original Arlene Sardine cover art or paintings by Jon J Muth, and three days left to bid -- have at it!
  • A fabulous mac-and-cheese recipe (via Jeremiah).
  • Things I highly recommend to you: in movie theatres, Ironman; on Broadway, August: Osage County; in children's books reading, The Penderwicks on Gardam Street; on the Internet, Roger Ebert's new blog.
  • And the Happiness of the Week: It carries me up to Prospect Heights and down to Kensington; it's usually on time, even though I'm often not on time for it. It is rarely overcrowded, and its staffpeople unfailingly polite. My thanks to you,
the B67 bus!!!


  1. I loved Iron Man! The ending was hilarious!!

  2. So we should look for you again on the 23...

  3. Thanks Cheryl! Cool stuff! There is a little pool o drool on my keyboard after looking at all the wonderful art.

    Did you read this Reading Reptile book review?


    (Arthur gets a nice mention.)

    I'm off to look up "The Canning Season"