Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happinesses of the Week

Two Happinesses this weekend, for whichever week you care to count them. On Friday Jeremiah and his lovely wife 2.0 (long story) took me and another friend to his parents' house in central upstate New York. From there we all took a day trip to Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame, which is a beautiful and entertaining place, if sadly lacking in Royals information and memorabilia. (The Boys in Blue get one display about half the size of a batters' box, while the St. Louis Cardinals are everywhere . . . which may indeed be their respective contributions to baseball history, but I was indignant on behalf of my hometown.) Anyway, the best part of the weekend was the people I was with -- especially Jeremiah's parents, who were kind and generous and funny and wise and excellent cooks. So in gratitude to both couples, young and older:

The Conways!!!

Then after we returned to Brooklyn, I went for my Sunday run in Prospect Park, and this came up on the iPod:

"Jesus Walks" by Kanye West. I am not giving it the typical large-red-letter three-exclamation-mark treatment because while it's a Happiness aesthetically -- a terrific song with witty, meaningful lyrics (and, speaking personally, a beat that is just right for my running pace) -- it also has a great and important message that is worthy of a little more seriousness, and one that everyone should listen to. If you've never heard the song or seen the video before, please watch it. (It gives me goosebumps.) Kanye has also made two other videos for the song that serve as companions: Part 2, Part 3.


  1. Awww. I'm touched. We had a lovely time too.

  2. At least you got to see George Brett's pine tar bat.

    You talk about the Cards? How many *floors* were devoted to the damn Yankees? Gaah!

    We actually went to Cooperstown for our honeymoon. Yeah, that's what I get to put up with. :)

  3. When I worked at camp, we took our kids (12 year olds) to Cooperstown for three days of camping and baseball. If you didn't already know this, most 12-year-old girls aren't that interested in Cooperstown, except for the gift shops and the ice cream.

    They did let me take pictures of the 1948 World Series exhibits, though (Go Tribe!).

  4. Kanye West makes me want to alternately laugh, dance, hold up a power fist, and jump on his head; that song is awesome.

    Um. Royals...