Monday, April 21, 2008

Eye of the Tiger

This is pretty brilliant. (Hillary supporters: Please approach with a sense of humor.) Via Andrew Sullivan:

James and I volunteered for Barack's campaign in Philadelphia on Saturday, going door-to-door in North Philly. In doing so, I realized that the most important thing about his candidacy for me really is his character, just like that video says: that he understands and embraces complexity and nuance. That he spoke up for Hillary when people booed her at one of his rallies yesterday. That he has taken the long view on many issues, like nukes and the home foreclosure crisis. That he is a good writer, as his marvelous "A More Perfect Union" speech showed. I am not saying he's perfect -- no politician is -- but I think he has demonstrated the wisdom, vision, and organization that make him the right person to lead our country out of the morass of the Bush years, and I hope he wins tomorrow and becomes our candidate.

That is all.


  1. I've been following him since his speech at the National Democratic Convention a few years ago.
    For me, it's about his character, but more it's about a focus on hope. I think he's inspirational. We need that now.
    I think Hillary is a good candidate, but I have no idea how much of what she says is pre-spun for her. It's disconcerting.

  2. I hope he wins as well. My hubby and I will be voting for him, and my sister-in-law has been working on his campaign here in Pittsburgh. Of the three, I think he is most definitely the best-- though any of them are better than who we currently have. You know, Mr. GW himself will be on "Deal or No Deal" tonight (or so I've heard). You'd think he had something more important to do, like, I don't know-- run the country!