Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Three-for-All III: Happiness of the Week: Two Boots Pizza

Finally, to counter the general gloom and doom of the world, I am instituting a regular feature that I am calling Happiness of the Week, in which I will celebrate one non-work-related, non-current events-related person, place, or thing that makes me happy. This week, that item is

Two Boots Pizza!!!

Two Boots is a NYC pizza chain that makes unconventional pies inspired by the flavors of Italy and Louisiana (the “two boots” of the name). I eat at the Two Boots-to-Go-Go on Bleecker about once a week—usually for dinner, when I’m heading to a movie or another activity in the city later that night—and I never fail to enjoy the fresh ingredients, the cornmeal crusts on the thin pies, the colorful party atmosphere of the restaurant, and the unusual topping combinations. My favorites are:

  • The Mel Cooley: Sun-dried tomatoes, basil pesto, and roasted peppers on a white pie (the slice I had tonight)
  • The Earth Mother: Tomatoes, spinach, artichokes, and red and yellow peppers on a Sicilian whole-wheat crust
  • The Cleopatra Jones: Sausage, onions, red and yellow peppers, and mozzarella
  • And the Tony Clifton: Wild mushrooms, Vidalia onions, sweet red pepper pesto, and mozzarella

A slice of one of these and a small Pepsi is $5—a little pricier than your average slice-and-a-Coke joint in New York, but worth it for the moment you bite into the pizza's gooey, spicy goodness and follow it up with a cold slurp of cola.

Yay Two Boots!


  1. Oh! I've been to the Brooklyn Two Boots!

  2. I used to live around the corner from the West side one, and it was fantastic -- I love that spicy sauce. I'll have to invite the Bleecker branch to my eternal traveling pizza party. Still haven't gotten myself to DiFara's and Totonno's in Coney Island...

    The Brooklyn Two Boots made me very sad.

  3. My happiness for the week is hearing the birds sing in the morning when I take out the dog.

    I LOVE your idea of celebrating happy things. Happiness is a choice.

    pj lyons

    “Baby, there will always be evil people and bad stuff in the world. And if you focus on that, then that’s all you’re going to see. But look around you,” he sweeps his arms around, “there is beauty everywhere, even in the weeds.” He plucks a flower off a gangly plant growing through the pavement and hands it to me.
    I’ve seen those weeds many times, but never really looked at them.
    “Queen Anne’s Lace,” Mum says.
    The flower is big and frothy. I study it and see it’s made up of lots of delicate little blossoms. Standing there in the pot-holed parking lot, my soul tumbles head long into the weed’s beauty. For years I figured God doesn’t exist. But in a flash, in a flower, I know the truth.
    from "Turn" by pj lyons

  4. OOOOO! Thanks for the tip. My daughter is in NYC, a freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I'm forwarding this to her so she can get her some. Looks like they are going to open one in LA. Can't wait!

    My happiness this week is that the wildflowers are starting to bloom in the mountains.