Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Frog in La-La-Land

To the Klein Family, and all my other friends too --

I was a little shy about writing this account of my recent adventures. . . . I may have spent a good deal of my young life on the East Coast, but I was spawned in the Midwest, and I like to think I retain that region's native modesty. But Cheryl said everyone would love to hear about my travels, so here I am!

In the interest of broadening my knowledge of the world, Cheryl and James decided to take me to southern California for Thanksgiving. (Conveniently, James's grandparents live near Los Angeles, so we had a fine base for exploration.) As a cold-blooded creature -- in only the scientific sense, of course -- I reveled in the warm temperatures. Can you find me among the tangerines?

And I loved all the palm trees!

We visited the Salvador Dali exhibit at LACMA.

(I think his mustache looks like a croquet wicket, don't you?) I volunteered to be photographed upside-down with one of his statues, the better to truly experience Surrealism for myself -- but I'm afraid the picture didn't come out. I gained amazing new insights into my Unconscious, though! James's sister Bridget picked us up for the trip to the grandparents', with one stop along the way:

Cheryl, James, and Bridget all seemed very impressed with the food; I personally thought it could have used a few more arthropods. We had a very pleasant Thanksgiving -- a wonderful dinner and a USC victory, plus a family card game. (While I've always thought of myself as a Frog of feeling, it turns out I have a terrific poker face.) We came back to L. A. for Universal City Walk, where the residents were already dressed up for Christmas:

And the next day -- Hollywood! The Sign (can you see it?) . . .
The Screen -- Grauman's Chinese Theatre . . .

And then, at my special request, we walked up and down Hollywood Boulevard until we found her, the one and only Star:

Ah, to be the statuette she called "Gorgeous" . . .

So I had a marvelous time in California -- and my dear Kleins, I look forward to seeing you all at Christmas! While the Midwest may not offer quite so much glamour, there's no place like home.

With much love from me and Cheryl,

The Frog


  1. Man, before I die, I need to try this In N' Out so bad.

  2. Dearest Frog,
    First the fast life of Gotham City and now the faster loose living of Hollywood. I hope you are not losing your wholesome, practical, honest Midwest Values.

    I look forward to seeing you again at Christmas. It will be your chance to join us in the Iowa Caucus circus on Jan. 3. Which NYC'er should we support, the Mayor or the Senator? I really need your guidence.

    Love, Uncle John

  3. Frog,

    Did you happen to see my garden gnome whilst on your travels? His name is Phil. He seemed happy as pie to live amongst my hostas, but then one day we got in a tiff about the newspaper (he'd always steal the entertainment section) and he up and left. I have a sinking feeling he ended up in Hollywood.

  4. Hey Frog,
    Did you get Kermit's autograph?