Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Brooklyn Arden Review: "High School Musical 2"

I loved it, even more than the first one. The plot wasn't that suspenseful -- the outcome of the Temptation of Troy Bolton is never in doubt -- and it probably says everything about the real depth of the emotions here that after the big breakup scene, complete with a tearful jewelry handover, Gabriella runs to a minivan and gets picked up by her mom. But like the first movie, "High School Musical 2" tackles its protagonists' problems with absolute respect for the characters and no distance or irony, so it's truly and sincerely sympathetic to the children and preteens who are its primary audience; and from a production standpoint, the performances got better, the musical numbers got bigger (while I must say most of the songs seem to have been written by out-of-work composers for boy bands, particularly Troy's soliloquy-ish "Bet on It," I adore "You Are the Music in Me"), and the characters got deeper (Ryan and Sharpay, at least -- Gabriella continues to be about as interesting as her refined-sugar voice). And there is just something about people singing and dancing together in harmony that makes me incredibly happy. Hurrah for "2"; bring on "3"!



  2. You may be interested to know that "High School Musical: The Ice Tour" is coming to New York in a few weekends.

    I am distraught that I will be out of town. Actually, what right do I have to talk? I saw the Lizzie MacGuire movie on midnight of opening day.

  3. I agree with you on all your points, but I was disappointed with the idiocy Chad displayed. Troy was just trying to get into college, and I don't think he was being particularly different by hanging out with the basketball and manager types.

    I loved the new found depth of Ryan and Sharpay though, and You Are the Music in Me is my favourite song, as well as Everyday.

  4. I will be out of town too, otherwise I would probably go.

  5. Someone pointed out to me that Troy's solo where he is running around was a bit like the solo in Footloose. Funny he is doing a remake of Footloose, I heard!

    I agree with you on people singing and dancing in harmony. I just love it!!!

  6. I still haven't seen #2. I am bitter. I NEED the Disney Channel, or a friend with Disney and TiVo.

  7. You ought to watch some Bollywood movies, then. They are so filled with song and dance. I can't understand what they're saying, but the heck with plot, just look at that sari! Oh! If only I could dance like that! *sigh* *wistful*

  8. I cant wait for it to come on the disney channel..

    Oh and this is for Melinda..the Bollywood plots arent really worth understanding :D theyre ALL mostly the same, except for a few really good and not-so-cliqued ones..Its so funny how you guys think we Indians look good in saris and HOW we Indians would KILL for your Oscar night gowns..

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only person past her teenage years that adores the HSM movies. I'll admit I teared up a little during the breakup scene.

  10. Hey Nomadica --

    You're right about the Bollywood plots. Usually it seems to be about a lovely girl dancing and the guy's standing there like a lump drooling at her. It's like, come on, love interest, you dance too!

    I'd give you an Oscar nightgown if I had one. Except I'm imagining a little kid's jammies with Oscar the Grouch on it. Go figure.

  11. Today in the truck, I switched over to the R&B station, which is doing Classic Soul Sunday.

    Miss Thing: Stop! That song is from High School Musical! (She's seen it in day care.)

    I leave it there. She's kind of singing along.

    Me: How many times have you seen High School Musical?

    Miss Thing (authoritatively): 50.

    She's got me beat.