Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where the Magic Happens

Off a meme from Elizabeth Bunce/Susan Taylor Brown:

This is where I do a good two-thirds (let's say) of my reading, writing, and editing -- in a battered yellow wing chair my dear friend Katy purchased from the City Opera Thrift Shop seven years ago, then kindly bequeathed to me when she left for Old Blighty. I set my cup of tea on the side knob, put my feet up on the file box, rest the clipboard and a manuscript on my lap, and mess with sentences. A board balanced between the chair arm and the bed holds finished MS pages, and in summer a box fan by my feet keeps me cool. It's all quite cozy and comfortable and lovely. . . . Now if only they'd let me replace my chair at work with a La-Z-Boy.
P. S. Also via Susan's livejournal, I love the idea of Tell an Author You Care Day. It's past now -- it happened July 16 -- but it's never too late to show your favorite writer some love.


  1. You know, a few months ago I sent an email to Kate Constable, raving about The Singers Of All Songs. I was just that entranced with her writing -- she's amazing (and a breath of fresh air, considering the entirety of what's out there). A week or two later, she wrote a gracious reply -- I could tell that my words of praise really meant something to her.

    After my 13-year-old daughter fell in love with the Tremaris books, I encouraged her to write to Kate as well, which she did. Again, Kate took the time to respond.

    Maybe it's because my "love language" is words of affirmation, but I'm all over speaking encouragement to people. And, dad gum it, writers really need it, whether they're published or not.

  2. Lovely chair (of mine!) ;-P

  3. Your blanket has books on it!

  4. Have your writers put their manuscripts on disc and mess with the sentences in M.S. Word's with its track changes function.

    INFINITELY faster than handwriting. And cleaner too, as you get to keep both the edited and unedited manuscripts and the writer can metacomment on top of the edited manuscript in response.

    You don't have to give up the chair. Just use a laptop