Monday, July 16, 2007

And the Incredible Famousness Continues!

I was (very briefly) a guest on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" this afternoon, discussing my role as continuity editor and two errors that can be found in the series; the audio is not yet available, but should be up here shortly. In the meantime, if you seriously need an AALB-HP radio fix, you can listen to Arthur's NPR interview from Weekend Edition Saturday, available here. (Fun fact: He received the orchid in the background of his picture on that page from Linda Sue Park after Book 6, with the message "R.I.P. [character who dies in Book 6]." Kind Linda.)


  1. I tried tuning in for the live broadcast, and was treated to a thrilling discussion of the tax code as it applies to charitable religious organizations in Baltimore. I can't wait for your actual audio to go up!

  2. I was driving to work when your interview came on. I was so excited, thinking, hooray! I read her blog! I enjoyed the interview, but thought they made you sound like you do way less in your job than you actually do. :)

  3. Arthur discovered Phillip Pullman's "His Dark Materials"? Swear to God? That is awesome!

    He just moved up in my mind from genius to double super genius.

    Any more Pullman in the works? Do dish!


  4. I enjoyed your brief but interesting interview on Talk of the Nation!

    By the way, the caller Jeff, who said that Venus cannot be seen at midnight, was incorrect. Venus usually sets shortly after (or rises shortly before) the Sun, but sometimes it lags (or leads) by as much as a few hours. And since sunset in the northern part of the British Isles is as late as 10 PM BST at the end of June, Venus definitely could have been visible during Harry's fifth year O.W.L. exam.

    (However, there is an astronomical mistake in that scene: Harry could not have seen the constellation Orion in June.)

    --Bandersnatch (who in real life is an astronomer)

  5. Are you getting excited about Harry's arrival? I want to say congrats or good luck or something, but I'm not sure of the appropriate response in this situation :(

  6. You're on Mugglenet!!!yay!!

  7. Dear Ms. Klein:

    Speaking as one copyeditor to another, I would like to beg your assistance (if you're permitted to provide it) regarding two typos in one of the purported "leaked" copies in circulation. The so-called "carpet" bootleg of the book includes mention of "Barry" Crouch and Hermione "Jean" Granger.

    As you may be aware, there is currently a fierce debate over whether the leaked copy is real or fake. One of the points of contention is whether you would have let these two errors pass. I realize some things will get through no matter what, but these strike me as improbable, and I would love to settle that particular item in your favor if possible.

    So, if you are permitted to weigh in on something like this at all, could you please confirm whether these errors exist in the actual book? (I should add that I haven't seen the purported bootleg myself, but I've been actively interested in what people are putting forward as "evidence" of whether the files are of the actual ms. or an exceptional forgery.)

    Thank you in advance, and best wishes,

  8. I will not be commenting on anything related to Harry until after the book comes out, sorry.

    Except to say that people who read spoilers are depriving themselves of an amazing experience.

  9. You're lucky that you've already been spoiled. The freaking internet is like a landmine of Harry Potter spoilers. I should just avoid all technology at this time.

    I was almost successful in avoiding spoilers when HBP came out. Almost! Except some idiot yells across the bookstore to talk to his friend: "Hey, Dumbledore died right?" as I walk in to buy the book a few days after the release! I stared at that kid for a whole minute, fuming, and he started to look scared when he noticed me.

    I listened to your interview on Mugglenet. Great job!

  10. Seriously. The NYT.... OH, the NYT. Don't even think about going there for the next two days.

    TWO DAYS! Less than, even! Ohh, Cheryl, I can't even begin to imagine how excited you must be to see work come to frutition like this. Hooray!!!

  11. As you may know (or not), John Green and his brother Hank are doing a vblog project this year called Brotherhood 2.0. Hank's song yesterday was "Accio Deathly Hallows", all about anticipation of the final title. I hope you get to check it out -- I'm sure he'd love it. They are at Brotherhood 2.0 and on YouTube.