Wednesday, June 13, 2007

F&Gee Whiz!

Today I saw the first F&Gs for my spring 2008 picture book The Light of the World: The Life of Jesus for Children, with illustrations by Francois Roca and text by Katherine Paterson. (Yes, Katherine Paterson! I'm thrilled too.) It's a gorgeous, gorgeous biography of Jesus in both its art (which was adapted from a French book, Jesus pour les petits) and its text (which emphasizes, in a beautiful, non-cloying way, Jesus's revolutionary love for his friends and for all people; and reminds readers that anyone who shares that love with others is, in turn, the light of the world). Our designer Leyah Jensen gave it a lovely, spacious page layout; Mr. Roca created a new piece of art for the cover; and I just wanted to run around the office showing it to everyone and saying "Isn't this beautiful? Isn't it? Agree with me! AGREE!"

Sorry -- I'm punchy after a long day. But it really is so gorgeous, I just had to share my excitement with you!


  1. Looking forward to checking it out--IMO, one of the most common, yet most off-putting, elements of religious books for kids is cloying (great word) art and text. It's a true find to run across something that isn't.

  2. Sounds like a great gift for my goddaughter.


    This is a definite buy for my super nieces.

    Have you ever thought about writing book reviews? Honest! Get on it, girlfriend!

    Kids deserve wonderful, delicious books!


  4. It's nice to see a children's book publisher outside the Christian market not be afraid to tackle this subject matter. You guys at Arthur A. Levine Books aren’t afraid of anything are you? This piece sounds very exciting. And yes, do share a sample of the artwork when possible.

    Kimberly Lynn

  5. Katherine Paterson!?!!!!! That's enough for me. The book will be on my shelf as soon as it's out!!!

  6. Looking forward to seeing those F&Gs at ALA.

    Speaking of ALA and Harry Potter (which you weren't, but the count-down calendar for HP is on your BLOG), could you possibly briefly mention in your BLOG early next week what goodies the Scholastic booth will be handing out at ALA next weekend? hint. Hint. (she said, with a hopeful look on her face)

    Our library (and probably all libraries in the US) are getting a countdown calendar of our very own, courtesy of the company that does the spoken word recording of HP. I can't wait to put it on display.


  7. I don't think KP could be cloying if she tried.

    Seriously, it sounds lovely. Thank you for publishing it.

  8. I'm a little amused sometimes at the fact I edited both THE LIGHT LIGHT OF THE WORLD and THE BOOK OF EVERYTHING, the latter being a book in which a boy decides Jesus is useless and God no longer exists. And I love both books passionately -- first because they're both beautifully done, and then despite their very differing takes on God, they both believe fiercely in the importance of goodness and kindness and friends -- of living a life of love, whether that life is religiously based or not.

  9. Whaddaya know, my birthday's coming up, and I think this will go on my list...for next year. Maybe I'll let my daughter read it after me if she begs nicely.

  10. Katherine Paterson + thoughtful art and design! Now this sounds most wonderfully good.