Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Drinks Night Reminder, and Y, oh Y?

A reminder: Drinks night Thursday! Put on your sparkly shoes and come buy a drink for Betsy to relieve her pre-Newbery stress. Sweet & Vicious, on Spring St. between Elizabeth and the Bowery, 6 p.m.

Also, my laptop here at home seems to have a bizarre virus wherein every fifty times I type a "y" (I am guessing at the number), it kicks my cursor up or down a few lines to the middle of another word. I have no idea what causes this, and of course it never works when I want it to test it scientifically, e.g. typing "sysysysysysyys" etc. for the length of a line, but it occurs often enough to be really distracting. Has anyone ever seen this kind of thing before, or know what's making it happen? Thanks for any tips!


  1. Did you spill something on your keyboard that is making the keys stick?

  2. Aluminum foil from wrapped chocolates?

  3. Computer Glitch... hmmm first question, Mac or PC? Second question, is it just in one program like Word or in everything like your email?

    If it's all your apps then most likely it's your keyboard as Mags suggested, though perhaps not spilled liquid but a bit of dust or grime making the key send the wrong message in an annoyingly random fashion. Laptop keyboards are flimsier than desktop ones.

    You can buy canned air to blow out dust but it might mean a trip to the computer store.

    Good luck!


  4. Canned air & rebooting are always the first line of emergency treatment for ill computers ... then call your favorite computer guru. But I find yelling loudly works well, too (profanity may also help). While it may not actually remedy the situation, I feel better :)

    You're welcome!
    Aunt Carol

  5. Interesting, because my cursor does that too; I'm typing along and suddenly the cursor has jumped up a couple of lines, and then I get mad.

    I assumed that perhaps I had my wrists too close to the mouse pad thingy that you use your finger on to direct the cursor. Yeah, I'm up on my computer technology. Anyway, I have a cheap Gateway laptop. Is that the same as yours?

    I'm going to google this.

  6. Okay, here's one thing I found on Google:

    There is a setting in the Trackpad prefpane for "Ignore accidental trackpad input", is this turned on?

    Also make sure that "use trackpad for clicking" is turned off.

    And here's a big ol' message board thread with all kinds of discussions on this. Apparently we aren't the only ones that have this problem. Here's the link:


    Here's the same link, only smaller:


    Hope this helps! I do like Google.